Library2This is the library in my little town, built with assistance from Andrew Carnegie, c. 1902 — posted especially for Carole.  I worked at the library during my freshman year of high school in the early ’70s, and I absolutely loved it.  I don’t know why I didn’t pursue library science as a career.  I just didn’t have a clue.

There was an addition built at the rear in the mid- to late-70s, and the main entrance was moved to the side.  They did a fine job of retaining the flavor of the old main entrance at the front, even though it isn’t an entrance anymore.  The name of the library is still over the old doorway, which is now just a big window by a landing — in the children’s department.  An elevator was added last year, or the year before.

Recent talk of adding on again, or building new, was recently tabled.  There’s little support for such expenditures amongst taxpayers, especially when we’ve just done battle to keep the French, orchestra and gymnastics programs at the high school, and when two of the district buildings are up for sale.

The whole library thing came up because Carole thought, on first glance, that my kids’ grade school (posted a few days ago) was the library… and that got the wheels turning.  My wheels have certainly been turning all around town this week!

Do y’all wonder if I still knit?  I do.  I should get to seaming Oblique one of these days — probably when spring is in full swing and have no need for a wool cardigan.  I have a few other things that I’ll show soon.  I finally found a use for the Lamb’s Pride Worsted that I reclaimed (quite a while ago!) from a vest — I wound it all up last night to start TALIA from the new KNITTY!  I’ve printed the pattern and want to take a good look — I’m not sure about horizontal lines across my butt — but I love vests (regardless of what Clint & Stacy think — have me on the show and maybe we can talk) and am hopeful that I can "make it work."

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