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Dutchman's Breeches 2

Dutchman’s breeches.  Dicentra cucullaria.  On the line.  In Mom’s garden.  I was on my belly to take the photos.  These are early bloomers (oh, how I amuse myself) and I often miss them!  My mom is kind of going nuts right now, in the midst of cleaning and preparations for a luncheon she’s hosting on Friday.  She kind of invited everyone over without really thinking, but once the button was pushed…  They’re all going to white-glove the cornices in the living room and inspect the drapes, I’m sure of it…  And that’s the type of activity that takes place — top to bottom, inside and out — at times like these.  I volunteered to help her out for a bit this morning and she had me in the wildflower garden, picking up debris.

I brought my camera.

14 thoughts on “On the line

  1. Oh how I love those flowers. My Grandma had them in her garden too. I’ve never seen them available to buy though (or should I say “yet”)

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that flower before. Kind of like bleeding hearts, only white – and beautiful! I’ve taken a photo or two on my belly and I always just hope the neighbors aren’t watching!

  3. That’s why I hate having company — it forces me to clean up.
    That’s why I love having company — it forces me to clean up.

  4. Beautiful picture! Especially the name got my attention: Dutchman’s Breeches. I have never seen this plant here in the Netherlands. I only know the other one: Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding heart), we call that one Gebroken hartje= broken heart.

  5. Very nice! Around here their cousin squirrel corn is rare, was pretty common in NY… we’re in the land of granite now and don’t have that nice limy soil…. oh well.

  6. I love ’em. My mom and I went into the woods of my great grandparents farm to get some to transplant a few years ago and they still reappear in mom’s shade garden every year. They are so tiny and delicate. Lovely. Thanks for the pic…

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