H is for…

H is for heuchera

Heuchera.  It could also be for hosta, hangman, or huevos rancheros — which yesterday’s breakfast out with DH reminded me of and also because today is Cinco de Mayo!

Due to the shady nature of my yard, I spend a lot of time in the "shade" section of the nursery and have developed an appreciation for hostas because of it — it verges on a collector mentality.  I am also, unfailingly, drawn toward heuchera — commonly known as coral bells — especially varieties with foliage other than green, which provide some COLOR in an otherwise mostly green, shady vista.

CONTEST REMINDER:  Don’t forget about the "I" Contest for ABC-Along 2008, sponsored once again by Ina, the Jersey KnitterDeadline for entry is this Saturday!  Ina has posted all the easy-to-follow rules and regulations in her entry linked above and also on Ravelry and Flickr.

8 thoughts on “H is for…

  1. great photo!
    I love hostas too – and am also dealing with a predominantly shady garden for the first time ever. I just bought a whole slew of small shade plants.

  2. Beautiful photo. In my house, Cinco de Mayo officially opens the margarita season. Care to join me? Jon is in Phoenix and you know how I hate to drink alone!!

  3. Beautiful photo – way to use the light.
    Last night I was singing Meli White Coral Bells – do you know that song? Although it’s probably White Choral Bells, I guess.

  4. Great photo. Heucheras are so useful. I must have grown 20 varieties over the years, both in my hot, dry northern California garden and here in Seattle where even a sunny spot may do better with shade-tolerant plants.

  5. Oh how funny — I haven’t stopped by for a while but I did ‘h’ for ‘heuchera’ also, although mine’s not as beautiful as yours….

  6. I love heuchera, too. I had some really pretty ones with variously colored foliage, but they went by the wayside when we added onto the house. Must. Get. More.

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