A First: Ten On Tuesday

10 Ways The World Has Changed Since You’ve Been In School

Note:  Well, I’ve been trying all day to work it out in my head, how I wanted to focus this Ten On Tuesday that I wanted to try for the very first time.  I was all about what’s changed at school since I’ve been in school — how the A/V Room has become extinct, along with the much beloved mimeograph machine and the not so loved film strip projector.  How it was such a big deal when rockets blasted off into space and we’d all gather around a portable TV that a teacher or the principal brought to school for the occasion.  How it wasn’t ’til I was in 6th grade that I could wear pants to school instead of a skirt or dress.  How I never gave a thought to whether one of my classmates had a weapon that might be used against me — or anyone else at school.  Then I’d lose my focus or want to change my focus — couldn’t quite decide — or other thoughts came crashing in and it just wasn’t working.

So, for my debut Ten On Tuesday, I shall whittle it down to Two Words About How Some Things Never Change No Matter Who’s In School:


I know.  This too shall pass.  Thanks for reading.  That is all.

10 thoughts on “A First: Ten On Tuesday

  1. Ahahaha! That is a great Ten on Tuesday! Seventeen year olds. Ready to go to college in their own minds, and letting you know it in a way that puts you in a place to push them out. With no regrets or sadness. heh.

  2. I see your ARRGGHHH!!! and raise you a GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
    I have never been so glad to know that I will not have to ask:
    “Is your homework done?”
    “No, I mean is it really complete, not are you done with it”
    for several months…

  3. Oh my, I’d forgotten about the film strip projector. I can remember it vividly now though…the cassette tapes that went along with the “movie” and how it beeped when it was time to advance the strip. Ah, the memories!

  4. Yeah, the projector thingy, I remember that…used to hate it. Teachers never seemed to have pens that worked or I could never see the type (I needed glasses but would not wear them…teenagers). On guy would always erase the black marker writing with his fingers…his fingers were always black and icky.

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