Road Trip

Sorry for the recycled photo, but it’s appropriate. And easy. It’s also one of my favorites — for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the subject. I love the “bigness” of this toy car — the big curvy redness of the hood and fender, the big glitteriness of the bumper and headlights, the big roundness of the white tires.

I think I should have a glitter bumper on my car!

Road trip tomorrow afternoon with Ali, involving coffee… and also yarn. After over a year of trying to get to Loose Ends Yarn Shop in Mayville, tomorrow will mark my second visit in less than a month. w00t!

It’s been a very busy week/month/year and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. It’s a good busy, a hopeful and mostly happy busy. It’s sometimes a little bit expensive busy, but hopefully it will get busy and start to pay back… eventually. It’s also a busy that leaves me quite exhausted.

In other news… I am wearing long pants today — the first time in MONTHS — and Juno Regina was ’round my neck yesterday morning (and not just because it’s so beautiful, though that’s certainly a good enough reason).

* * * * * *

I will never forget.

5 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Our weather is changing too… hope you find inspiration for a nice fall into winter project. I do wish I could glitterize one of our bumpers, like maybe on the Jeep, but that would be just pushing DH too far:)

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