With an arterial bridge under construction, my normal route from "downtown," when I have occasion to be there, has changed.  I take an old, very familiar street — one with some history (LaPierre lived on that street) — one I like a lot.  DH and I almost bought a house there 20+ years ago — after we looked, the Realtor gave us info on a few similar properties and one of them was Our House (which I’d actually driven past a few months earlier but wrote off as surely being out of our price range) (obviously, I was wrong).

There’s a small Labyrinth Garden near a church on that street.  I pass it, notice it, make note of it every time I go by.  I’m usually in a hurry, so — every time — I think to myself that I need to stop there someday.  It was 6:00 and the light was fading fast when I drove by last night and I felt a little guilty stopping only to photograph the beautiful color and texture in the surrounding gardens — it kind of felt anti- what a labyrinth is all about — but whatever.  We’re having SUCH a beautiful autumn.  There were no labyrinth police there and, really, there’s no right and wrong.


Now that we’ve been introduced and I’m a bit more familiar, I will definitely stop again to walk.

And take pictures.

Happy Weekend!  My body will be up VERY early to go to Madison tomorrow.  It will be a blast — the cutest little kids in the whole wide world, wearing Halloween costumes, having a PARTY, going on PARADE!  Let’s not forget all the various TREATS!

Oh, my spirit will most definitely be in Rhinebeck cavorting with my friends.  Let me know if you feel it.

3 thoughts on “Labyrinth

  1. Lovely colors, Vicki.
    It will be good to be very busy tomorrow. I have a sister visiting, which makes a very good tradeoff, but I’ll still be envious as all the Rhinebeck posts start to show up.

  2. I love labyrinths…there are no rules – you’re right. I told Carole that we’re going to Rhinebeck next year. She squeeeed! I guess that means we’re committed to it. Have a grand time in Madison. Can’t wait to see the photos.

  3. I thought of you while in Rhinebeck for my first time — even though, of all the people I saw and met and reunited with, I missed meeting Norma/Margene/Sandy (I did say hello to Cara and beautiful Meli though). But on our (Cheeseheads’) behalf, I took Toe Jam Packer sock yarn (acquired at WI S & W) to a blogger/designer friend whose husband is a Packer Backer (but who lives in NY so is deprived). So, a little bit of Wisconsin has been left in NY.
    Go Pack!

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