Level of function

…is not good.  It's not that I don't have things to say.  I think it's that I have too much to say.  And to do.  In a good way.  Mostly.  It's probably best to take it slow.  So here's what I can say right now…

Today is my BFF's birthday.  We're going to a wine (and chocolate) tasting with two women we used to work with and haven't seen in AGES.  And by that, I mean years.  It's going to be so great to see them — the excitement was palpable over the phone.  I have a feeling the wine tasting may be a prelude.

Tomorrow is Halloween!


Every pirate needs a little alligator pal.  ; )

4 thoughts on “Level of function

  1. Ha, they could be Captain Hook and the crocodile!
    What an adorable picture.
    Have a wonderful time with wine and chocolate and friendship! I know you will.

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