It was like my whole blog flashed before my eyes!

A big chunk of it did!  Weirdness.  I subscribe to all of my own blog feeds, mainly to keep an eye on if and when they're updated.  This afternoon I logged on to see that one of my feeds in Bloglines had 200 unread posts!  There were many (but not all) from my first year of blogging — and I have to say, it was kind of cool seeing it that way..

* * * * * *

The lame-o first post.

The results of a quiz for my second post (that didn't take long!).

My first knit-along — Audrey!  In Rowan Calmer!!  Oh, the angst.  I recall being empowered by Bonne Marie to finally rip that darn thing, as it was COMPLETELY the wrong shape and type of sweater for my body… but, oh, that cute neckline, the Vespa dreams.  Ciao, Audrey.

The Calmer as it transformed into the still unfinished Alice Starmore-designed Cromarty.

St. Brigid!  Meatheads!  Secret Pals!  Thrummed Mittens!

My first contest when I celebrated my first birthday on the blog.  That was a fun one!

The girls and their various attempts at knitting (some successful, some not).

Some sewing!

My baby sister's first pregnancy.

100 Things!

My first colorwork — North Star Mittens!  Katie still wears those — took them with her to England, even — and gets lots of compliments, and loves telling people that her mummy made them!  Yay!

A 14" red-haired ponytail donated to Locks of Love.

Plumbing repairs!  Remodeling!  Gardening!

The lovely Miss Dashwood… and a Mister… and Opptuna.

Saying good bye to Salem Slim Light 100s.

The Cold Turkey Chicken Viking Hat!

My first Midwest Masters Seminar — classes with Lizbeth Upitis, Joyce Williams, and Lily Chin.

* * * * * *

I've often thought about publishing the blog in book form at some point — maybe not every post, but many… most, some, more than a few.  I printed and bound all the entries I wrote when Michael was in the hospital after his accident, which he loved – that was a lot of work, but there are easier ways now.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to post yet of my Log Cabin Socks; I think the first may be the FO pic!  I'm working on fighting off a cold, instead, so I'm not sufferin' through the entire Sister Weekend — leaving ASAP (noon-ish) tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “It was like my whole blog flashed before my eyes!

  1. Are you the one who broke Bloglines, then? It’s been telling me for two hours that it’s down. I figured they were doing fixes since I just found my Yarn Harlot links, all of hers, hadn’t updated since the first of the month though they didn’t have a red explaimation point. Maybe their fixes have gone awry.
    Of course you have links to all of your own feeds. Doesn’t everyone? That’s how I tell when they told the world of my post. Of course, the one where I’m the only subscriber usually posts first.
    Drink lots of warm liquids and enjoy the weekend. At least sister won’t care if you sniffle through it.

  2. Bloglines has definitely been crazy today but it was cool to see all those old blog posts again. I think a book would be a wonderful thing, Vicki.

  3. Same thing happened to me, and I noticed several others. At first I thought it was a Typepad glitch, but now I think it was a Bloglines glitch. Or a shift in the universe or something.

  4. Good luck with the avoidance/removal of the cold (ever try Olive Leaf Extract?) and much enjoyment of the Sister Weekend.
    A nice trip back in blog history, Vicki.

  5. What a fun journey down Memory Lane! I am fast approaching my fourth blogaversary and should do something similar… just to see where I have been! I really like the new masthead (is that what it’s called on a blog?). Have a great weekend.

  6. Yes, that Bloglines hiccup was odd. And wild!
    Get bedduh! (I won’t tell you how long I’ve been sick. Hopefully it’s a different virus; I got this one at Rhinebeck….)

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