Mixing bread dough

I baked the last loaf from the first batch of dough yesterday and mixed up another. Upon reflection — and observation of the second batch — methinks that something was terribly amiss with the first, most likely a mismeasurement (not enough) flour. The first loaves were all very small and quite dense. Um. Very, very dense. They all were devoured within minutes of baking, so it was hard to get a good overall read.

I can already tell that the results from the second batch will be much different — the dough rose more, looked "fluffier," and I could feel the good warm energy when I put my dough box into the fridge. I purposefully measured out the flour into a separate bowl this time before I began mixing, rather than measuring and counting while mixing. I can't wait to bake a loaf from the new batch!

One of the great things about baking bread right now is the added warmth from the oven. According to the weatherman, it's all downhill from here in terms of temperature this week. This might be the week to shoot for Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day… everyday!

Knitting update: I might have finished the Ridged Lace Cowl last night if I hadn't done so much Golden Globe star gazing.

Saturday: F1 / Sunday: E5.5, F1 / Monday: E5.0

6 thoughts on “Mixing bread dough

  1. Hey Vicki, have you looked at the errata page from their book online? If you’re using packeted (rather than bulk) yeast, they tell you to use half a packet too little in the book.
    I find each batch comes out a little different but all have been delish. But some are sublime. (or maybe we just love bread?)

  2. I haven’t looked at this book yet, but most quality baking books give you dry good measurements in weight. Weighing your flour can make a tremendous difference in consistency in your baking. I assume you probably have a scale for asst. knitting purposes. Just drag that into the kitchen. Also, if the bread was heavier/denser, there was either a shortage of yeast (or some of it died) or too much flour. Can you tell I have many more years of baking experience than knitting? Can’t wait to see the next loaf.

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