Um. Yeah.

Not only THAT (which is, in part, about THIS)…  I just learned that one of the oldest and best from-scratch bakeries around just closed!  It's where we always got our birthday donuts for work, our "It's Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday)" donuts for work and, later, also our "It's Saturday (or Sunday)" donuts when I worked at a different place that was closer, as well as (back in the day) all of our hangover donuts.  They made the best chocolate-covered, chocolate-filled, chocolate donuts ever and set the standard by which all others are measured… and tasted.

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  1. Oh dear. There is nothing like losing the perfect donut place – my favorite underwent a management change and the jelly donuts have never been the same. I do love the idea of birthday donuts, though. Sigh. Donuts.

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