A float

This photo almost looks like a colorized or selective-color black-and-white, but it is not; it’s exactly how a blue glass float on a basement window sash looks on a snowy, yucky, February day. That day was last Saturday. I challenged myself to find something interesting to shoot at home and I ended up in the basement.

Oh, I am so ready for spring. I’m feeling restless, all of a sudden, and almost ready to GO! I’m not exactly sure WHERE to go, but I’m almost ready!! Hibernation time is almost over.

10 thoughts on “A float

  1. I have the strangest itch to get out in the gardens & clean things up & prep for a new growing season. Mentally I know it’s far too early and far too cold….but somewhere in my brain there is a little voice whispering about spring…..

  2. I do believe you could make the most mundane item look interesting. Love the photo!
    Come here! Come here and we can play. It’s 60 today!!

  3. Yeah, isn’t it amazing how by February (and even November!) we look for color. I’ve been finding some joy in looking at pattern, even if it is all in shades of white and gray.

  4. Kathryn’s countdown calendar is currently counting down the days until Sanibel Island – 28 on Thursday. That’s still too many for my liking.

  5. My spring fever is ramping up too. I plan to spend as much time outside as possible today since it will be our last warm (60’s) day before returning to the 30’s. Fickle, crappy weather.

  6. I love the photo, and I totally agree with you. Winter is great, but it lingers a bit too long. Maybe it makes us appreciate the Spring all the more? Well, make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich and check out the Yellow Week Flickr group to brighten your spirits. I’ve enjoyed the photos and stories of your daughters and like to think my own children will one day be at that exciting age.

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