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I dragged it to a dance studio last night and Zumba'd.  Yeah, baby, I shaked that booty!!

Zumba was fun — kind of like Jazzercise, which I did with some success back in the day (and a few years ago for a short time, but there were problems with location/logistics).  Zumba is concentrated
much more on DANCE.  It's very fast paced and a good workout — and I liked it. I'm going

I am not a solitary worker-outer.  I do much better in a group — a group of friends, a group of strangers, it doesn't really matter.  Even a group of two is better than solitary confinement exercise — except maybe for walking, which is tolerable alone, but I even prefer to do that with another.  I tried doing the elliptical at home/alone earlier this year and there was nothing enjoyable about it.  It was too early, too dark, too… lonely and boring.  Yeah.  It was uber boring.  (It was for me, at least!  Your mileage may vary.)

Anyway, I threw my hat into Kim & Kathy's Spring Into Summer last Friday.  I dutifully weighed and measured on Saturday morning (Katie did too, btw; we're sharing a journal, being a little bit accountable to each other), but the weekend went downhill from there.  There was a lovely and very healthy brunch at Annie's, but Karen brought Chocolate Caramel Bars, my favorite dessert of all time, and I had… some.  (I never make them myself because I have no control when they're in the room.)  There was another incident with hazelnut bars at cooking class on Monday involving the pan, crumbs, and spoons.  Lordy.

Well, it's time — it's been time for a while.  I've gained 40 pounds over the four years since I quit smoking.  I have a closet full of tight- and ill-fitting clothing and I am constantly uncomfortable!  This big thing where my stomach used to be is driving me nuts and always getting in the way.  I may have started slowly, but I've been much better since the weekend, also trying to get back into the habit of keeping a food journal. 

Hopefully, the next time (!) you see my ass on the internet, it'll be a li'l bit smaller.  ; )

P.S.  I thought my legs hurt the other day after cleaning a cupboard?  Speaking of which… Wednesday's cupboard was only the beginning.  I have a pretty big kitchen and that wasn't even the biggest cupboard, nor the only one with glass doors.  Thankfully, I've a four-day weekend ahead, some motivation, and a little bit of momentum.

Happy Weekend!

7 thoughts on “Zoom zoom

  1. Sounds like fun! You shake that booty, girl! I will stick to the rowing machine since all the high-impact-exercises of the seventies and eighties have given me arthritic ankles in my fifties.

  2. I joined Kathy and Kim, too. Must get my arse moving and gain some muscle mass. My problem is the opposite of yours. I really don’t like to eat, but working out makes me ravenous.

  3. That looks like fun! I love to walk but it’s not enough to get the fat burning going so maybe I’ll check this out.

  4. I feel your pain/gain. Two years off smoking and I gained 35 pounds. Knitting just doesn’t burn enough calories. My gut gets in my way, it’s harder to put on my own shoes, a closet full of clothes that either don’t fit at all or don’t fit properly. You’re right – it’s time!

  5. Zumba looks like fun! I might have to check it out, there are a bunch of classes at various places locally. Hopefully we’ll both have a little less ass to show in a few months. Though I’m not nearly as brave as you are, there is no way I’m showing mine on the internets. 🙂

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