Moo Zoo, Her New Tattoo, and Other News (Katie’s home!) + Ten

Tattoo 2

Tattoo 1

She opted for the first stanza of William Blake’s Auguries of Innocence rather than the whole poem — it might have been a little hard to read.  I’ve been rubbing lotions and potions on this for a little over a week now.  It’s doing very well and Maddy is quite pleased.

Katie’s home from her trip, safe and sound, and back to work today!  No rest for the wicked, as they say.  We had a nice welcome home dinner with all the girls (and Ali’s BF) last night — heard some of the highlights of Katie’s adventure and enjoyed each other’s company.  It was really nice.

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Ten on Tuesday:  10 Awesome Bands (turns out to be a somewhat formative list) (how do you choose these things?) (and are these all bands?) (rhetorical questions) (and in no particular order)

1.  Glenn Miller Orchestra

2.  The Beatles

3.  The Beach Boys

4.  Journey

5.  Kansas

6.  Fleetwood Mac

7.  The E Street Band

8.  Heart

9.  INXS

10. Duran Duran

6 thoughts on “Moo Zoo, Her New Tattoo, and Other News (Katie’s home!) + Ten

  1. LOVE Maddy’s tattoo and hope to hear a little more about Katie’s trip. It must be so wonderful to have all your grrls together for dinner.

  2. I wonder if Erin will run out when she is 18? I’m just a few months behind you, as usual. Then all of mine will be adults as well. Funny that. I don’t feel like an adult just yet, how could I have given birth to three people that claim it? Great tattoo.
    Love your list. I almost put Fleetwood Mac and Journey on mine, but was trying to cross genres. But really, Fleetwood Mac is the best. My list could have been more like fifty, not ten. How does one choose these things?

  3. 1) LOVE the new banner!
    2) She must have had to sit for a really long time for that! But still, it’s a great tattoo!
    3) Welcome home Katie!
    4) Old Fleetwood Mac maybe – like when it was just Buckingham / Nicks! And ALWAYS Bruce and the Boys!

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