Ten on Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday is 10 Favorite Sounds

1.  A baby who wakes up happy, talking/playing/laughing in her crib.  It's been a while (17 years), but I remember.

2.  Happy kids playing outside on a summer day* (as long as they don't keep slamming the door).

3.  Sounds from the pool (except for the music sometimes), which we can hear from our house, especially when swimming lessons are in session.  "Motor boat, motor boat, go so slow.  Motor boat, motor boat, go so fast!  Motor boat, motor boat, step on the gas.  Motor boat, motor boat, SINK!"

4.  The crack of a bat, the roar of the crowd, the whistles, the marching band, the announcer exclaiming "First and 10" — all sounds from the athletic field, which can also be heard from our house.

5.  The rumble of hundreds of motorcycles — Hogs, mostly — as they make their way through town on a summer bike run.

6.  Big fat snowflakes falling on a blue-sky winter evening.

7.  Autumn leaves beneath my feet.

8.  Rain!  Lightning!!  Thunder!!!  We have been SO deprived this year.

9.  Rock 'n Roll — loud — combined with the sound of my wheels on the highway and the wind in my hair.

10.  The ocean.

*"Day" is key, as is "happy."  Weird sounds in the middle of the night from next door woke me abruptly a few times last night.  Got me out of bed.  Got my heart racing.  Tried to get back to sleep.  Tossing and turning, I finally turned on the light and read for a while, but was hyper aware of sound and easily awakened all night — and Mickey seemed to be doing an inordinate amount of late-night scratching!

Since Monday is a big day for mural painting, I was going to snap off a few this morning, but the light was weird — it's changing big-time in the a.m. – making lots of reflections, and I was running to late to goof around trying to find the ideal location and position from which to shoot.

I stopped at the coffee shop, as per usual, and remembered that Deb ordered pictures yesterday and I was right THERE.

Smug as a bug I was, last week, about my camera phone.  Today I have two of the three world's worst camera phone photos!  I am not showing the third because I didn't even capture my subject — somehow I ended up shooting the house next door!  Anyway, Deb, this is The House w/Abomination:


Yeah.  I didn't even know I had a "black and white" option on my camera phone.


Ditto the "cloudy" option.  I was trying to zoom.  You can see how that turned out.  ; )  I will give you that the addition does not look too bad straight-on from the front, but from the side (to me) it's way bad, way big, way much, way overbearing.

Knitting out tonight, I think!  I might make it to the half-way point on Transverse!

4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Love your list, Vicki. It reminds me of when Hannah was a baby. She always woke up laughing and talking and I used to love to listen to her on the baby monitor.

  2. I had one kid who went to sleep easily and woke up crying and one kid who fought sleep by crying but woke up happy. Hobson’s choice, really 😉

  3. Haha, no, not blue.  It's gold with green and maroon trim — wonderfully done, actually, and as true the original colors as they could determine.
    ; )

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