There goes my baby


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Summer's nearly over and I take Maddy to college tomorrow.  College!!  She was barely in middle school when I started this blog and has appeared here (a reluctant, sometime model of thrummed mittens) less than the other two (I think I exasperate her more than I do the other two).  She was more indulgent as a subject when part of a group… say, one that made a capital "I" or modelled a new skirt.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my kids grew up way too fast.  There's nothing to do but look forward to the next chapter!

4 thoughts on “There goes my baby

  1. She’s beautiful! It must be amazing to watch as she sprouts wings. The next chapter is bound to be interesting and fulfilling for you both!

  2. You know, they never really go away. They sometimes come back and bring more with them. One of our daughters moved back in with a toddler, the other one came back with 2 cats. 😉 But, sending her off to college … what a bittersweet mix of emotions!

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