Morning serenade

I've never hear anything but barking dogs when I'm out for the morning dog walk.  It's always the same dogs — a little yippy-yappy one three blocks away that growls occasionally and barks for.ever, and what sounds like a much, much larger dog two doors down.  I never see them.

Anyway, this morning I heard music!  Wafting rather loudly for 6:something in the morning, from a house about two blocks away.

It's kind of weird because I just learned that my dad's coming for a visit and, until Karen Carpenter came along, Marty Robbins was my dad's favorite singer — at least, that's what we all thought.

OK, I'm off to sell a bunch of crap, um, I mean some really great stuff at a rummage sale (tomorrow, too)!

3 thoughts on “Morning serenade

  1. I would love to hear Marty Robbins wafting through the neighborhood! I grew up listening to 60s and 70s country music- hearing that would put me back on a Saturday morning, cleaning house with my parents’ hifi playing John Denver or Don Williams, Mel Tillis and Charley Pride.

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