A lick and a promise

It seems everything in my life is getting a good slobbery lick these days, and the promises…  Sheesh.

Can you believe it's the last day of September today???  It sure feels like it outside.  We haven't resorted to turning on the furnace yet, but I think we're close!  I sure love my hardwood floors, but sometimes it feels like I've got my feet on ice; I love big rugs and even carpeting, too, but the damn good dog pees on and ruins whatever I put on the floor.  I'm taking a chance re-carpeting the room that'll be our new bedroom, but the (just-formulated) plan is to keep it dog-free unless accompanied by an adult.  Yeah.  That might work.

I spent the day in Madison yesterday, hangin' at UW Hospital.  The news for my sis is… OK!  The "bad" was countered by "good" and the best news is that there's really nothing new; chemotherapy continues.  She wore one of the do-rag caps we sewed over the weekend and I'll be sending the pattern link to a woman we met in the waiting area who admired it and liked the style.  I'll link it here, too, as soon as I find it again (I'm sure the pertinent info is on the pattern instructions that I printed, I just don't have that on me right now)!

I didn't bring a camera with me yesterday.


Yeah, I think I've finally learned THAT lesson.  You know, the one about bringing your camera everywhere – even if you THINK you're only going to be hangin' at UW Hospital with the sister who likes her photo taken the LEAST – because maybe you'll end up also going to a gorgeous old family farm (outbuildings!) with your nephews (cute kids!).  Maybe you'll take a hike on a mowed path through prairie fields, or eat apples right off the tree, or pick Cinderella and New England Pie pumpkins right off the vine, or watch Mack find eggs and fill a basket in the henhouse (chickens!).  Hell yeah, I think I learned THAT lesson real good.

I have to figure out how I can have my (homegrown pumpkin) pie and my MUFA, too!

3 thoughts on “A lick and a promise

  1. Thank you for the update on your sister and I’m sending good healing thoughts her way.
    Good things always happen when the camera is at home. At least mine is small enough to put in a purse. 😉 September….I hardly new ye. lol

  2. Glad to hear your sister is really hanging in. I know how you feel about the camera – I bought a nice little point&shoot (the exact same as Chris & Jeanne) to keep in my purse for times when the big camera would just be too much.

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