Northwoods redux, but colder and more golden and with snow!

Snow on his nose!

Isn't he cute with that little dusting of snow?

First snow on autumn leaves

I was expecting to see snow on Sunday morning.  That's just what I had in my head.  When I woke up on Saturday morning and saw my car covered with a thin blanket of white, I was so surprised!  I gasped aloud and said, "It snowed!" even though the kids were still asleep.


I put Mickey on her leash and more or less retraced my steps.

First snow

It was much more golden this weekend than last time.  Many more trees were leafless; if they were bearing leaves, they were yellow, orange or red — no green; the only green trees were evergreen trees!  Beautiful.  It was interesting to see the difference that just two weeks can make at this time of year.

The view from here

I pulled grandpa's old rocker into the addition (a comfortable construction zone) and placed it smack dab in front of the patio door — this was my view on Saturday morning.  And on Sunday morning, too, only with a little less snow.  Quiet, beautiful, warm, coffee, knitting.

Moss and snow on the roof

I love the colors — and the bokeh — leaves, twigs, snow-covered moss.

Evidence of wild animals!

Mickey and I took a walk all the way around the island where the old boat house used to be.  I think I've only been able to do that one other time in my life.  Anyway, we found this amazing sand "path" leading into the woods through the underbrush.  I have no idea what animal might have made this — whatever it was, it must have a nice, deep den for winter at the other end.

Kate & Mads

My voyageurs!  Kate is a veteran and Madeleine still flushed from her summer wilderness trip to Canada.  Maddy's already made plans to accompany the group again next summer.  It was 30F when I got up yesterday morning — this was a wee bit later, so a tad warmer.  It was sunnier and much less windy than Saturday, too.  Maddy is wearing the fingerless mitts I sewed up over coffee!

We had a wonderful time.  ; )

6 thoughts on “Northwoods redux, but colder and more golden and with snow!

  1. I love the golden picture! Just beautiful! Reminds me that we need to do our yearly photo op at Devil’s Lake to catch the leaves and the kids’ growth- we take a pic on the same bench every year (well, the past three anyway), and it’s fun to see how much bigger they are. We tend to use the Devil’s Lake pics for our holiday cards, so we better get cracking!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend!

  2. It sure can turn cold in a hurry! I love your pictures so much (especially the pine with snow! My favorite thing ever!!)
    Looks you had a great time. A place sure to soothe the soul!

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