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Thank goodness I forgot to post one of the weekend photos from Flickr yesterday.  I went right home after work and picked up a paintbrush (instead of a camera), joining Ali who was helping out and already half-finished rolling the ceiling.  I wish I liked painting more.  I love color, choosing color, playing with color, dreaming in color — color, color, color!  Painting = Ugh!  Clean-up = Double-UGH!!

The painting might be done tomorrow — for sure by the weekend.  I fear it will be too much to ask that the carpeting I haven't even picked out yet be installed by then, too.  I brought my "inspiration" with me today and will stop at the flooring store for some samples.  We'll see.  I'm anxious to move our stuff into the new bedroom and start settling in!

I got paint on the phone when Annie called last night.  She wanted the address to the blog — I thought she meant the photo blog but, no, she meant this one — Sharon had told her about the photos I'd posted from our weekend together up north.  Annie said that she'd already looked here, though, and didn't see them!  Turns out, she has a little ADD when it comes to the blog — she starts at the top and clicks as she scrolls her way down and sometimes doesn't make it to the final, intended, destination before time's up!  Then, later, she sent me this email:

I love your blog!  I don't read it a lot but when I do….there goes an hour!  Gone and it feels so good with all kinds of emotions stirred and chords touched and it's also fun knowing a little more to some of the stories than gets reported!!  !#$%^&*(!

Sweet, and from my sissa!  I know that Karen feels the same way — and Sharon, too.  Sharon calls me up to ask "Wha's Up?" if I miss a day.  ; )  Michael told me the other day that he'd called his wife in to look at our weekend pics and then he wandered off; when he got back, she was wiping tears off the keyboard after a little trip into the archives.

I've been thinking about the blogging quite a bit lately, what with the recent comment pains with Typepad (still not happily/completely/satisfactorily resolved), and just the Whos, Whats, Wheres, Whens and Whys (and Hows) of it all.  At the risk of being sappy, the blog has been something of a Lifesaver over the years — a Lifechanger, for sure.  It's made me more of a Lifesharer — to varying degrees, both on the blog and in real life, I guess.  It's given me an outlet for creativity — writing, knitting, photography – and a place to share my joys and pains and everyday.  The blogging has definitely changed over the years — I'm more cautious and reserved – and I sometimes wonder at the evolution, and miss the excitement of "good old days" of blogging.  It's good, though, that changes in me and in my life are reflected here — and I will continue to change, as will the reflection.

And I better get this posted!!  Can you see me now?  Heheh.

5 thoughts on “Lifesaver

  1. I second your sentiments about blogging, Vicki. It can’t help but evolve, like everything else.
    I can’t believe you had snow this weekend. We just had cold, very cold! Got all the woolies out to sort!

  2. Regarding painting, you forgot the prep, for which I say QUADRUPLE Ugh!
    I think it’s ok when we backslide into a rant or whine sometimes, I mean, isn’t one’s blog for oneself? But I get it about the sharing… I know dad’s Significant other (who he will never marry), mom, sometimes auntie read it and other people who I might rant about to a friend, but not in a public forum…

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