A couple of “before”


Actually, I think Katie took the true BEFORE photos.  I'm usually so anxious to dive in that I don't take the time for pictures until we're already at DURING.

You can just see the adorable 24-inch-wide refrigerator on the left.  I scrubbed it down real good on Saturday and it's just hanging out there until its new niche is made.  The fate of the microwave (peeking out from behind the 'fridge) has yet to be determined.

I sucked it up and pulled out the stove — it wasn't as bad as expected; I degreased it, the wall behind it, the neighboring cabinets in every direction, and started on the floor.  The stove exterior cleaned up pretty good (I don't think it's very old); the oven doesn't appear to have been used much (plus, self-cleaning!).  I bought new drip pans for the stove — cleaning the existing ones wasn't even a possiblity as the they'd nearly disintegrated.


She sure has the cupboard space!  We decided to remove the small, highest cabinet doors and use the space more for display; Katie's already slapped a little paint in the ones above the sink and the difference is amazing!  After a failed attempt at cleaning the existing hardware, we bought new – and found some at a terrific price, plus removing those upper doors brought the total number needed down to 27 from 41.

The drawers where our purses and camera bag are deposited are from a cabinet in the living area that's being torn out.  At one time, the apartment took up the entire second floor and the big kitchen (with a long-gone peninsula) adjoined a dining area which was wide open to a big living area.  Awesome apartment then, and maybe again someday, but for now we're tearing out what used to be a closet in the living room (originally, second bedroom) to open it up more to the kitchen and make more of a "living area" once again — it is the best solution right now and (again) the difference is/will be amazing!  We are definitely making progress.


The nice wide hallway leads to an enclosed porch with lots of windows — so much light!  There's a nice deck, too.  The view, above, is out one of the porch windows.  Saturday was the first day we were there while the sun shined — it was wonderful!!  It sure brightened our outlook.

8 thoughts on “A couple of “before”

  1. Looks like she’ll have a great place. Something that sometimes surprises people is that you need to be thoughtful about what you store above the stove. Liquor, books, etc. are things that do not mix well with humidity (rising steam), grease and heat – even if there is a vent hood. But some pretty pots, pottery, etc. would look great.

  2. You are doing all this in a RENTAL? Or does she own the apartment? I admire people who are willing to put so much money and effort into someone else’s investment property, as the owner never (or rarely) appreciates it. It does make for a much more lovely, livable place, but geez.
    Anyway, it is going to be nice! And what a great view! Hats off to you.

  3. Wow! My early apartments were never so nice (although they probably were that dirty. . .). It’s going to be a lovely space!

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