Thankful Thursday — Thanksgiving

I am thankful for these two crazy kids — for who they were, who they fought to become, who they are, and for who they eventually ended up with (not each other).  (There is almost nothing more surreal to me than realizing that my parents might have recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.)  Thanks to them and all who came before them (many of whom — the females, at least — were invited to an imaginary dinner in my mind today), I am here — as are my sisters and brother, my kids — my beautiful, funny, creative, strong, independent, wonderful kids — my niece and nephews.

We have experienced love, hate, indifference, anger, fear, loathing, understanding, heartache, sadness, and joy.  We have lived.  We have learned.  We are what we are; I yam what I yam.

* * * * *

Speaking of yams, the sweet potatoes mentioned yesterday were delicious.  I made both!!  The "diet" version used a little cinnamon with brown sugar and pecans, and could not have been easier to make.  The Sweet 'Tater Pone reminded me a little of rice pudding with 'taters rather than rice — milk, egg, sugar, nuts and a lot of nutmeg — oh, my, it sure was SWEET!  There were more ingredients in the pot, but it was very easy to make.  Hubby made two pumpkin and an apple pie; we had turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes; green beans, corn, cranberry stuff, and fruit salad.  And bread.  And wine!  Can't forget the bread and wine!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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