The bookcases were essential.

Sorting, tossing, cleaning, and finding a home for everything was the main goal.

My desk is about the only thing left untouched — though I did deal with the stuff that was under it. 

Ta-daaaaa!  Not perfect, but a million times better. 

C'mon in!

I'm making lasagna and garlic bread for supper tonight — Ali's at the store right now getting what I need.  I love that I don't have to go shopping.  It's that kind of day.  Putzing at home.  Everyone will be here for an early dinner before we send Maddy back to school and everyone scatters 'til next time.  It's kind of weird "inviting" my kids over for dinner.  Heh.  Kind of neat, tho, too.

Hm, yeah, my desk…

9 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. What a good job you’ve done. It’s really satisfying to see the surfaces and the bottom of the piles.

  2. I love the progression in the the photos. So much more engrossing than simple before and after shots. The room is so much the space of someone creative and busy.

  3. Cleaning out is a lot of work and you were a whirlwind! It must have been that kind of weekend as I did some work in a closet. So much more to go. I love your window.

  4. your progress on your room gives me hope! we are moving rooms around in our house due to empty-nesting…and I am getting a dedicated craft studio…which right now is full of piles all over the floor……….

  5. I love seeing the progress shots, Vicki, and how you arranged and rearranged. Very cool and so much effort, mental and physical, had to be expended!

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