I was lamenting the lack of cards received at work this year.  Exactly
two, so far, and I almost think I'd rather not hang any than to have a
lonely and measly two — they look so lost and all alone.

We have fared a little better at home, especially considering that it's been a couple few quite a few (bordering on many) years since I sent out cards.

Today there were two cards in the mail at home.  One from my friend Julie, who I haven't laid eyes on in more than 20 years, but with whom I've reconnected via that wonder of the world wide web that is Facebook.  (Today I joined a group for alumni of the elementary school I went to in Highland Park, IL; I only went for one year — and first grade at that — but it was a very memorable year and I adored my teacher, Mrs. Kelly, and it sure would be fun to reconnect with my BF(not-quite)F Missy.)

The other card was addressed only to me and was from a family in Madison whose name I did not recognize.  It was kind of a chubby envelope.  So intriguing!!  Was this someone one of my sister's knew (why send a card to me?), someone my husband knew (why send a card to me?), someone…  OK, yeah, yeah, yeah, I opened it, of course.  There was a photograph of a family with a castle in the background and I immediately thought "Ireland," a typed newsy letter, and a handwritten letter from someone named Deb.

Dear Vicky,
I am a relative of yours.  I feel I already know you because of the work you have done on the family.

I had corresponded a little bit with Deb's mother, Betty, several years ago and had shared some of my family research, which Betty has since shared with Deb.  Deb, it turns out, is my second cousin once removed, and she is thrilled!  She has five kids, in the vague age range of mine, and among them three daughters; one of the girls shares my birthday; another has Victoria for her middle name and she went to school and lives in the U.K.  Isn't it the coolest thing?  I have a vague recollection that Deb may have tried contacting me before and the whole thing got swept up and away, but now… well, it's just the coolest thing.

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  1. Your Christmas card experience is much like mine this year. Few come to the office (and I didn’t hang them because of their loneliness) and only a trickle come here (I too have been very bad at reciprocating over the years). To hear from a family member, someone you barely know, must really be a thrill. Every once in awhile it happens to Smith and it’s fun to watch his small extended family grow bit by bit.

  2. That IS really the coolest thing! 🙂 I love receiving Christmas letters during the holiday season. I feel gypped when friends just sign a card and don’t include any news! But this year. . . I’m not even getting cards. Either everyone is waiting until the very last minute (kind of like. . . me!), or they’ve opted out this year.

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