Actually, the correct word would be "iced."  Very nearly "bedazzled."

Lookin' a little ditzy, as I knew they would.  We're learning lots 'n lots about cut-out cookies, icing, and mixing colors.  Katie told us about a friend who'd gone to culinary school and did NOT specialize in baking "because it's all chemistry!"  Yeah.  And there are so many variables!  A big "Thank You" to everyone for their tips and shares for cut-out cookies.  There's plenty more baking to do!

It was fun "goin' over to Kate's" last night with Ali to help decorate.  She sure has a nice, big kitchen — the lighting could be improved some, but that's a fairly easy fix.  We flooded and piped 'til nearly 11, listening to two of our favorites for the holidays:  Hanson's Snowed In, and The Chieftains' The Bells of Dublin.  We also spun some Fleetwood Mac — yep, vinyl – a bunch of my most favorite LPs have found a new and loving home.  I knew if I hung on to them long enough…

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  1. Oh, those are gorgeous cookies! Spectacular! What a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays. (I still have my entire — vast — collection of vinyl LPs. I listen to them once in a while. . . because I have my old stereo equipment, too. Fun, huh? Although I do prefer the ease of the iPod. . .)

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