Is three years too long?


Foot path

I skipped out of work a little early yesterday — which was great because, while I wanted to go to Zumba (and normally don't have time for anything other than a mad dash right after work), I also had to make a stop at the office supply store.  Well, things went freakishly smooth — I didn't have to hunt or ask for assistance — and I was out of there in a flash, leaving me a LOT of time on my hands, even after slowly meandering to the dance studio.


What to do?

Double doors

I had a fleeting thought about grabbing my knitting bag, but I drag so much stuff with me the way it is… I nixed that idea.

I updated the normally neglected calendar that I carry in my bag — some birthdays, a studio opening, dentist appointment.


Favorite view

No new calls on my cell phone.  Heh.  I'm not really that much of a talker.  There are rarely new calls on my cell phone.

I got to clicking around on the cell (oh! there's "speaker phone"!) and found a bunch of old pictures.  I decided that it was time to purge — that three years (+ two weeks) was long enough.  Plus, I had to scroll past all of these (and more — here's the set, minus what I deleted outright) whenever I want to access a new one.  I like these photos, though, for a bunch of reasons, so I started sending them in messages to myself.

Truth be told, I still have a couple of even older photos on my phone — Katie as a new barista.  That's different.

Path to the door

Anyway, these photos were taken on January 13, 2007, while driving around with Maddy while she was logging driver's ed practice miles.  I can't believe it was three years ago.  (I wonder how old my phone is?  I'll bet I'm due…)  You can see her silhouette in the photo above, between the house and the tree.

I had to be productive in some way… well, it's something.

6 thoughts on “Is three years too long?

  1. Three years? Good for you, ma’m! That’s a couple less hunks of plastic in the landfill, a couple less hunks of electronics that had to be manufactured and shipped from wherever. Way to go green!

  2. I just replaced my cell phone in August. I’d had my previous phone for 5 years. My kids called it “The Brick.” (I tend to embrace the if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it philosophy.)

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