Has it been a million years?

Randomly.  Heh.  It's only been five days, but for a near-daily blogger — in blog years — it seems much longer.  There's been so much exciting stuff going on — the mad scramble to gather information to fill out numerous tax forms, the filing of those tax forms, the paying of taxes due according to said tax forms.  Not income taxes… yet.  Perhaps I should carry on with those, though; continue while I'm sort of on a roll.

Yeah, you wish you'd been here.

You do.  There was also cake!  "Cakes," to be more specific.  We celebrated mom's 50th birthday again (a "5" and an "0" were the only candles we could find in our "candle department," other than a single taper which the kids stuck in at the end, performing as an exclamation point, we were told, not a "1" – "50!" not "501") with a nice dinner at our house.  I made lasagna, garlic bread and asparagus, and Annie brought homemade carrot cake (her specialty) and cheesecake (a new favorite).

I made two pans of lasagna so there would be leftovers.  Katie took a couple of pieces home, and Maddy took nearly half a pan back to school.  She also took some of the cakes.  Apparently, Maddy's roommate is always bringing leftovers from home and I've been slacking; this haul may have jump-started my standing in the food-from-home ranking.

That gorgeous glimmer of a sunrise was hastily taken from the driveway yesterday morning — featuring a current favorite color combo, that salmon-y pink-y orange and winter blue dawn/dusk sky.

What else?  I don't know.  I'm just so happy that it's Groundhog Day — I don't even care about the rodent (it's a rodent, isn't it?) and his shadow — it's February 2nd!  That sounds so much better than January 2nd.  In four short weeks it'll be March 2nd, then April 2nd – warm breezes, refreshing rain showers, springtime flowers.  In the ground, growing outside, FLOWERS!

Happy Groundhog Day!

6 thoughts on “Has it been a million years?

  1. I had a friend in college who always used to bring back lasagna when she went home on the weekends. As I recall, she was quite popular on our floor.

  2. That salmon-colored slice of the sky is pretty spectacular!
    As for Groundhog Day — I’ve never understood why it was in FEBRUARY. Because, living in the north, OF COURSE we have 6 more weeks of winter. But the days are getting a little longer every day now. It’s coming!

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