There went the weekend.

I stood at the end of my street this morning and shot the beginning of this morning's beautiful sunrise and the awakening of my little town, then watched the sunrise unfold (as best I could) in my rear-view and side-view mirrors — gorgeous layers of light and clouds.

The weekend.  First, I made sure to throw My Habu Sweater in for a soak right away on Saturday morning.  Then, I tried all morning to focus on getting started on taxes.  I've been working on getting things together and organizing, but that's way different than starting.

By the time I found the work-on-taxes groove, it was time for lunch with Sharon and my mom.  We had a nice visit at the coffee shop, and Ali made us some wonderful sandwiches (I had mine with soup!).  I declined the invitation to go to the discount mart, even though I need Q-tips at the like (on a Saturday? not my favorite place on any day of the week, but least of all on Saturday), and went home, instead, to… get in the groove and work on taxes.

I worked diligently and then took the time to pin out My Habu Sweater before springing some clocks ahead and heading to bed on Saturday night.

Ali grabbed me for a walk on Sunday afternoon.  It was so warm and sunny!  I wore gloves (which came off after a very short while) and a neckwarmer, but otherwise just a sweater.  Al has been walking every single day and I love that I can join her sometimes; Katie made it a three-some one day last week!  I haven't been getting to Zumba as much as I'd like (not always *my* fault) and I do love walking (with company), so it works out great.

My Habu Sweater is so lightweight that it was completely dry by Sunday morning.  It's pinned to my accordion-fold plastic-covered cardboard blocking board and set in such a place that DH could study it very comfortably from his chair — and he let me know that he was fascinated and in awe that I could manipulate my stitches ("That's right, isn't it? They're stitches?" "Yes," I said, "and rows.") in such a way to make shapes like that.

I left my sweater pinned out and got right back to the task at hand.  I worked uninterrupted, except for the walk (thanks, I needed that!) and… Ta-DA!  I can hardly believe it, but I think the taxes they are done… a whole month before they need to be (and a whole month before, historically, I've ever had them done before).  I haven't filed them yet, but OMG… I can.  And I will.

We're getting a little refund and I am sorely tempted to buy some camera or lighting equipment, but I will probably do the smart (and un-fun) thing and pay some bills.  We're trying to get that under control because someone (or two, or three) is going to need to upgrade their mode of transportation before long.  It occurred to me this morning that I could use our refund to help pay for the colonoscopy that's on my to-do list, which would could be viewed as a smart thing but oh, that's really un-fun.  I've been joking about how I'm "saving up for a colonoscopy" in my Health Saving Account and finally called on Friday to see just how much I need to save.  Gulp.  And that's if it's all good; it's a crap shoot (heh) if they "find" something.  By the time I've saved enough, no doubt the price will have increased.  Yeah.  Anyway.  I've read that real change in the cost of services will only been seen when health care becomes more consumer driven.  Hi.  I'm driving, but sometimes feel lost and all alone.  I don't think we're there yet.  There's lots of room on the road!

Oops.  A little side-tracked there.  Anyway, YAY!  Taxes are done and that's a HUGE weight off my shoulders.  Ready for the next thing…

4 thoughts on “*Blink*

  1. I’m glad for you that your taxes are done. We had to have ours done super early this year because of the FAFSA stuff and it feels good to know that they are finished! I think it’s terrible that your insurance doesn’t cover a colonoscopy. You shouldn’t have to pay for that out of the fun account!

  2. Hooray for finished taxes and a blocking Habu sweater! And walks and spring and etc.
    I don’t understand how anyone (once properly informed?) could think we don’t need health care reform.

  3. I finished our taxes early this year, too. Must be something in the air. . . As for the colonoscopy — don’t delay too long. Not fun. Expensive. But totally worth it. 🙂

  4. We live in Canada…That colonoscopy is simply part of our healthcare. If we don’t want to wait six months, we can pay 60$ and get it done in three weeks… Our health care system has huge gaps and problems but generally we’re lucky. Now, Kym is right, please don’t delay. ‘Cause no matter how cheap or expensive it is, if it doesn’t get done, the diagnosis won’t happen….one of our friends waited too long….

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