Happy Easter!

I have this thing about plastic Easter grass.  I absolutely, positively, with the power of a thousand suns, hate the stuff.  I've celebrated Easter 22 times in this house, filled many an Easter basket, and this is the first time that plastic Easter grass has ever made it past my door.  And guess what?  I walked it over the threshold myself.  Annie gave me the basket on Friday when I dropped Mack off after the movie.  I didn't think about it, or even realize what I'd done, 'til the next day!  My mind must have been on the Lindt Chili Chocolate bar or the sweet
treats hidden in all those eggs.  Yum.

As neat and tidy and contained as I can be with it, it's making a mess!

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  1. Aack! Must be something in the air! I don’t like sparkly stuff (glitter or the Angelina spinning fiber) for the same reasons you don’t like Easter grass, and yet yesterday I came home with some sparkly tulle fabric that is dropping &%*$ing glitter all over the house. Sheesh.

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