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You're wondering how long I'll be able to keep knitting this on straight needles?  Well, I'll probably knit it on straights 'til it's finished, and I'll be able to go quite a ways before then.
This book has been sitting on a stool near my desk at home and I've been humored by the kids' first reactions when the see it.  I love the quizzical looks that come over their faces as they wonder whether "your parents" in A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents are their parents or ours – and then the look when they wonder if there's something they've missed.  Priceless.  Cursing Mama sent the book over a while back when my name was the one drawn out of her hat!

I'm looking forward to reading it — as soon as I finish Whistling In The Dark, Clapton, Just Kids, and How To Knit A Love Song!  "Whistling" is for book club meeting next week when we'll be attending a reading by author Lesley Kagen, one of the featured authors at this year's Fox Cities Book Festival!  Eric Clapton's autobiography is borrowed from my mom, so no pressure to finish — except that I've enjoyed it far more than anticipated and want to finish.  Patti Smith's memoir about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe when they both were "just kids" was on short loan from the library and had to go back; I renewed right away, but was the eighth of eight holds, so… Rachael's book is next (just as soon as Katie finishes and returns it)!

I sure don't need to go looking for a book to read anytime soon!

Have I mentioned how much I love this blanket?  I almost can't wait to start another.  Thanks to the generosity of knitters like Baby Cocktails Thea, who sent an envelope full of lovely sock yarn remainders, and Perchance2Knit Susie, who couldn't have stuffed another skein in the box, I definitely will start another.  Perfect!  Thank you so much.

Also?  Massage tonight!  I am SO looking forward to it.  I loved reading all the comments to last week's spa post.  They even made me laugh — and you know what good medicine that is – OMG (and I quote) "Yoga.  Yogayogayogayogayogayoga."  Hee!  I know.  I've done yoga, I like yoga, and if I could find some way to get along with the downward dog, I'd no doubt love yoga.  I might soon be ready to try and tame the dog again.  I'll definitely keep osteopathy and accupuncture in mind — recently noticed that an accupuncturist has moved to town!  Thank you (again)!

And?  Brett Favre's a grandpa!  That just totally makes my day.  Go Gramps Go!

8 thoughts on “Making progress

  1. My list of books has grown so long I can’t fit them on one page and now you made the list longer…although I do already have Rachel’s book listed.
    Go, go, go! The sock yarn blanket is marvelous.

  2. I did enjoy the looks I got while carrying that book around – luckily my own mother was not offended.
    Crosses fingers that Bret decides to play one more year for the grandkid!

  3. I just requested all those books (except Rachel’s; read that a couple weeks ago). Thanks for the recommendations. To return the favor, I just finished Year of the Gun by David Carr (nonfiction; reporter goes back and uses his reporter’s talents to explore his years of addiction; fascinating, well-written, set largely in Minneapolis) and Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini (nonfiction; hugely entertainig and engaging).

  4. LOVE the blanket and am heartsick that I can’t make one due to the lack of sock yarn leftovers! The colors are fabulous! I’m also in love with your most recent Baktus…it would go with almost everything I own! Just beautiful!
    The day at the spa sounds like pure heaven! We’ve had major flooding in Rhode Island and we’re all in need of some major TLC! For the time being I’ll settle for some time in the jacuzzi and a good book! 🙂

  5. LOVE that blanket. And one reason I prefer Bikram yoga over other yogas is NO DOWNWARD DOG. I hate that pose, always have, always will.

  6. See – DownDog is one of my all time favorite poses. It’s the Pigeon Pose that I loathe with an unyogic loathing. Evil, evil Pigeon pose.

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