The view from my bed this morning:

It was darker then, but no less dramatic.


The back yard from my bedroom window.  Our bedroom is on the main floor of the house, but at the rear and there's a walk-out basement, hence the elevated view.
We'll be flirting with 70F again next week.  Seriously.  Welcome to spring in Wisconsin!

13 thoughts on “Seriously

  1. Well, it’s your turn. Sorry our snow had to arrive in your part of the world. We’ll be sending our nice weather to you soon! It IS spring!

  2. No snow here at all. 33˚ last night, but no snow. Cold and windy and partly sunny today. But no snow.
    Did I mention we didn’t get any snow?

  3. Wow. It’s so beautiful but… I’m glad its not like that here! 82 degrees outside right now in Orlando. 🙂

  4. April snow can be so depressing… especially when it comes on top of the daffodils and forsythia and after a long hard winter (this one wasn’t for us in ME). Good news it melts fast. And it IS pretty…. And you take such lovely photos of it!

  5. Omg, is this a joke?! It looks really refreshing. We are roasting in NYC with the 80 degree weather. It went from Cold to Hot. what happened to Spring?

  6. Whoa! We had a little this morning, the kind that you look at twice because you’re not sure if those little specks are snow or not. Nothing stayed on the ground. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again. Spring is a non committal month.
    Too bad my seed starts are ready for planting. Heh.

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