Weekend on the road


We had Mother's Day brunch at Annie's on Saturday.  Three of Mom's five kids were in attendance, along with a sprinkling of grandchildren, two sons-in-law, one husband, one ex-husband, a former brother-in-law, and former BIL's new girlfriend!  It's been said before, but I'll have to say it again… my sister Ann sure knows how to do brunch!

Mom's Day bow

Mom has a couple of trips coming up — a first-time visit to Japan and a return trip to Italy — so we slipped some Euro and Yen into her card for a surprise!  Sharon wrapped up a fun, 5-high tower of boxes; each box held a ceramic heart — made by JD Wolfe Pottery, similar to this one – one for each of us, the largest no bigger than about four inches, all perfectly nesting together.  That was a big hit, too, as you might imagine.

Welcome to Osh Vegas

Except for yesterday, it was a pretty crappy weather weekend (which, in my book, includes Friday evening), causing two of three scheduled photo shoots to be cancelled.  Thankfully, I was able to do the one that's been waiting the longest.

Osh Vegas Palms Resort

I made a long-overdue photo stop on the way home.  This sign appeared a few years ago on the west side of US Hwy. 41 just south of Oshkosh — home of OshKosh B'gosh clothing, Chief Oshkosh Beer, Oshkosh (Truck), Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and Country USA – and, now, Fabulous OSH VEGAS!  It's always tickled my funny bone… and two weeks from today I'll be living it up in Fabulous LAS VEGAS for the first time ever, and so… well, you know, I just had to!

Let's see, what else?  I had a nice snuggly time with Mack & Addy, though an unintented head-butt by the youngest resulted in a split top lip (mine), which wasn't as bad as it could have been — and, really, pretty amazing that it's never happened before considering the angle and position of some of my crooked teeth.  My kids always whanged my glasses or nose rather than mouth or chin — each has its own special hurt!  I helped Mack suit up for another go at learning how to ride his two-wheeler without training wheels — helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and shin guards!  He went a good 20' on his own… next thing on the list is learning how to stop!

I had a Mother's Day text message, a phone call, and a couple of visits from my girls.  A hot fudge sundae with extra cherries, a little knitting, and watching the long awaited and DVR'd Saturday Night Live hosted by Betty White — which did not disappoint – nicely rounded out the weekend.

I hope yours was good, too!

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  1. I love that sign. I see it every time I drive down to Chicago and it cracks me up. I also managed to catch that episode with Betty White (which is odd, really, because I don’t watch that show). She was so funny!

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