Macro May

Am I easily humored these days, or what?  Every time I think "Macro May," I think "macrame" — and, trust me, before the month is out there will be a macro shot of macrame for Macro May!


Scamp.  He's the most patient of our three cats when it comes to me and my camera — especially close – but this was his limit on Sunday.


Mother's Day tulips from Kate!

Trying to decide whether and/or which lens to rent for the trip to Las Vegas — I'll have to order soon if I'm gonna — input welcome!

5 thoughts on “Macro May

  1. Awesome macro shots! Mason will not stay still for the camera. He doesn’t like the sound of the beep and he runs almost every time I try and get a shot of him. Macrame, huh? I used to do that back in the 70s. I remember the Christmas that everyone got a macrame plant holder!

  2. Almost the cutest nose in catdom – but my little kitty (recently deceased) will ALWAYS take the cake in that department.

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