It’s a shame

With the glorious week of weather forecasted here in NE Wisconsin, we should really declare a regional holiday!  Wow.  Lucky the folks who took off the week before the 4th of July Independence Day holiday instead of after (it doesn't look quite as wonderful after).  (I can't believe June's almost over and we're talking 4th of July already.)

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Squee!!  I grabbed a couple squares — randomly, because these two will never be neighbors in the finished blanket — and hauled the knitting out on the front porch for a photo.  I've finished one connecting strip and started another.  In an effort to minimize seaming (every little bit helps) and maximize placement options, I'm picking up stitches along one side of a red square and knitting; always subject to change, that's the method being employed right now.  I was sort of liking what was happening with the striped strips that'll connect the striped squares, but seeing them "in context" takes me to a whole new level of "like"!  I'm using a real Duke's mixture of solid, semi-solid, variegated, and patterned yarn — and a whole new cast of colors to play with after the self-imposed limitations for the squares!

I had an unintended Pajama Day yesterday — and got so much done!  The stars aligned and I began by cleaning out the fridge — that wasn't on the list but was long overdue!

Photography-wise, I finished, photographed and wrapped some special request client framing — six pieces altogether, and that felt great!  I've also been readying (i.e., straightening, lots and lots of straightening) photos for my mom from her recent travels to Japan and Italy — and am nearly finished with that!

Note:  The next time I ready photos for printing from recent travels to Japan and/or Italy, they're going to be my own!

I made a terrific fruit salad of cherries (I need a pitter), gorgeous fresh farmers' market blueberries, cantaloupe, and home-grown rhubarb — drizzled with a little bit of honey.  That's my favorite fruit "dressing" right now – just a little bit to mix with the fruit juices and add a hint of sweet.  The fruit salad accompanied grilled hamburgers and toasted rosemary french bread (local beef and bread also procured at Saturday's market).  Heh.  The bread — made within yards of my house – couldn't be more local if it was made in my own kitchen!

I did some research on bikes, also, and sure appreciate the input and suggestions I received!  I'll be going tonight to do a bit more test riding.  I want a Batavus, after dw shared the link with me, if only because those guys are so darn cute — not to mention that, for some reason, the first link I clicked on their website was for Basil accessories: Bags, Baskets, Animal carriers.  Hello, it's the Elvira Gulch department!!  That just tickled me no end.

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These are a few photos from our trip "east" a few weeks ago that I meant to share.  This gorgeous pergola has seen better days, though perhaps later in the year when the wisteria is dripping, it'll look just beautiful!  I loved the patterning of the wood and want to use it for an upcoming trash can enclosure project.

What to do with that old copper boiler?

I've been noticing more all the different things that can be used as planters.  This old copper boiler is just gorgeous, stuck in the tall grass on the way to the river's shore, the coleus just pops!

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These photos were all taken at RiverEdge Galleries in Mishicot.  It's an antique shop, art gallery and garden, all housed in a lovely, historic, downtown building that used to be a butcher shop and meat market.  (Hm.  Note to self:  Mishicot would be a great place to explore by bike.)

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The hydrangeas are from my front yard garden!  Three small plants that are amazing prolific this year — I think they like it when I traipse out in my jammies on occasion to dump coffee grounds at their feet.

10 thoughts on “It’s a shame

  1. HA! I KNEW you were a Dutch bicycle woman! Glad you like them – I’ve got dibs on the Fryslan Dames bike.

  2. We’ve got great weather predicted through the holiday weekend, too. I’m working but that’s okay, I’ll have the weekend off!

  3. The beautiful summer weekends flash by too, too quickly! How oh how can it be nearly July. You capture summer beautifully in your photos. If only we could live in one of our photos!

  4. Hmmm coffee grounds for hydrangeas…i’ll remember that! Your photos are gorgeous as usual. I love the pergola and am planning to put one up in my yard and now I have an idea of how i want it to look

  5. Enjoy the week’s weather – today was an ideal summer day here in Flatland, the type of day that makes me nostalgic for the summer days of my youth that included bike rides along country roads that featured many glimpses of the sparkling water of lakes through the trees along the road. Too bad we’re going to be in the Northwoods next week instead of this week, but that’s just the week that works for us this year.
    Gorgeous photos!

  6. My favorite dressing n chunked-up mixed fruit is a pinch of sugar, then drizzle the entire thing with Triple Sec. Mmmm!
    We saw an old truck used as a planter in front of a greenhouse/nursery yesterday. It was awesome!

  7. your blanket is fabulous too! And I LOVE the connecting strip squee. it’s perfact!
    I’ve been trying to decide how I will do my outside border on my blanket, and the picking up stitches sounds like a good idea (hmmm. Contemplation continues, as I still have quite a ways to go on it.

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