Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Summertime

Ten Ways to Enjoy Summer

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1.  Make and eat fruit salad!  This is a variation on the green theme, which seems to be this summer's salad inspiration!  Grapes, honeydew, kiwi, Granny Smith apple, blueberries, currants, thinly sliced rhubarb, a few splashes of both lemon and lime juice (more lemon than lime), a drizzle of honey, lots of basil.  I think I use more basil every time I make it.  It looks sort of patriotic, doesn't it?  'Specially in that stars and stripes bowl.  I made this salad twice over the weekend.  Oh so yum.

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2.  Go to the farmers' market every Saturday morning!  Not only is there great food, art and craft, there are fun people!

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3.  Go on a road trip (or several).  This is the old Hamilton Manufacturing Co. in Two Rivers; we'd never really been before, so made it a stop on the day's itinerary.

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4.  Putz around in the yard, trimming and pruning, planting and harvesting, enjoying the varied fruits of sundry labor.

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5.  Cook stuff on the grill!  This is my stepdad's grill — a shot from last summer, when it was brand spankin' new — it's sort of HUGE!  Our grill is a tiny little thing, big enough for those first six burgers.

6.  Go on vacation with your sister!  Viva Las Vegas!

7.  Rent a cool camera lens to take with you on vacation with your sister!  We loved our day in the desert.

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8.  Hang clothes on the line.

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9.  Go to the lake!  That may be happenin' again soon!

10.  Go for a bike ride (and keep hydrated).

And that's your 10 this Tuesday!  Thanks Carole!

9 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Summertime

  1. i love the old factory in t’rivers. i still want to go there again, you know, and get lunch or something! so much i want to do this summer, it seems…

  2. I love #8! And the grill and farmers’ market photos are just beautiful! Yours is my favorite photography blog–and I’m so glad to have the time again to enjoy it regularly. All best for a splendid summer, Melanie

  3. I love the shot of all your nightgowns on the line — and I love the old-fashioned, lightly ruffled nightgowns, as well!

  4. Your photos are all so wonderful…I could sit for hours and just absorb in the beauty you capture on each and every photo. You are an inspiration to all….and I love reading your blogs.

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