Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: The Fridge

Ten on Tuesday10 Things in Your Refrigerator Right Now

1.  Process American Cheese.  I bought a package to make All-American Cheese Soup on Sunday, and bought another (smaller) package just because… it's my favorite in grilled cheese sandwiches.

2.  Some cheddar and mozzarella and string cheese, too (at least).  Hello, this is Wisconsin!

3.  Milk (skim).

4.  Yogurt (mostly Greek).

5.  Half & Half.  The threat of running out of Half & Half prompts an emergency run to the grocery store even more than the threat of running out of milk.  I like my coffee "just so," thanks.

6.  Butter.  The real stuff — both salted and unsalted.

7.  Chicken soup from Friday's chicken dinner leftovers.

8.  Bacon, of course.  (Duh!)

9.  Pesto.

10.  Eggs.  I wish I could find a local source for eggs.  If things go the way I hope, maybe I'll BE my local source for eggs next summer — well, not actually ME, but perhaps the hens in my own back yard!


8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: The Fridge

  1. I like American for grilled cheese, too. You guys must have the best choices for cheese there. My sister hosts a conference in Madison every year and I am always trying to convince her to bring back cheese curds for me.
    Coming from New England, I love Light Cream in my tea. It is very hard to find it in NYC. So when I do, I try to buy a few extras.

  2. You must have amazing cheese sources where you are. Yum! I think that having chivkens would be cool… as long as I had someone to take care of the messy stuff.

  3. Oh, i see great potential for a cheesy meal. The Greek yoghurt is my current fave right now. You must get to pick the cheeses right off the cows there…?

  4. SO with you on #5! On rare desperate occasions I’ll have it black, which to me is better than with reduced fat milk. And butter… sometimes the freezer has a whole door full. Margarine has not crossed the threshold of this house.

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