State of Grac(i)e

Gracie is a black lab mix that came into Sharon's life about 8-9-10 years ago, or so.  (I am not doing very well in the timelines department.)  Sharon was living in Kansas and it was the 4th of July — she always figured that Gracie was spooked by fireworks and ran off, and that her owners were visitors or traveling through because, despite best efforts, they were never reunited.  Gracie was a young and energetic dog, but Sharon had a way with animals — she always did.  I remember when we lived for a summer up north with dad, she'd walk to the park looking like the Pied Piper — Dad's labs Sam and Tibby, even our cat Thisbee, all falling in line right behind — she didn't even have to coax them.

Anyway, Gracie was one of the most important beings in Sharon's life — and decision-making about living arrangements all hinged on the ability to keep Gracie with her.

Finding a new home for Gracie was utmost in our minds and hearts over the past few days.  It is heart-warming that there were a number of people willing to take her — because you know that it has way more to do with Sharon than it does with Gracie, even if she is a wonderful ol' pup!

I'm happy to say that, after a weekend trial, Gracie was lovingly accepted into her permanent new home yesterday.

* * * * *

My family and I are doing ok.  Ups and downs, you know?  We have each other and family and friends — and sweet loving memories.  Thank you so much for your words of love and comfort.

* * * * *

I sometimes don't know up from down, and my life both looks and feels as though a cyclone has gone through — and then doubled back.  Clean up and search has begun.  Why, oh why, oh why, can I not find the ONE photo CD that I want?  Or one of the copies of that one photo CD?  Huh?  Digital photos really suck, you know?  The space they take up, the time it takes to organize, tag, format — not in my world, at least not my own person stuff (especially the old stuff) — and for what?  You never even print the damn things.

Ugh. OK!  Back to it — focus, focus, focus!  Things to do…

6 thoughts on “State of Grac(i)e

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve actually been thinking a lot about !haron’s dog and what would happen to her. I’m so glad you found a place for her.
    Always sending much love! C

  2. I, too, have been thinking of Gracie and how she must be doing these days. I’m so glad she’s found a loving and permanent home. As for you, please give yourself plenty of time and space to grieve and heal. Sorting and cataloging sounds like the perfect place to begin!

  3. Kym said it well. Give yourself the time you need, the care you need, to grieve. You are the strength in your family and you need time to replenish the reserves. Sending peace and love.

  4. Just found this on another blog and decided to share it with you, Vicki.
    All Along
    To find our hearts
    We often travel far
    Lingering, flowing
    Seeing, breathing
    Knees tremble and fall
    As our hearts break and mend
    Movement deep within
    Stirs, gathers
    Strength that is beyond us
    Our hearts were with us
    All along

  5. Give yourself time to grieve and heal. Otherwise it is much like trying to run through water that is up to your chest. Exhausting and you don’t get very far.
    Glad Gracie is in a loving home.

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