Needing some reminders today of…

SUNSHINE (we have it today, but I'm longing for the warm, summertime variety)

LOVE (sisterly variety) (being tested mightily) (not by those pictured)

HAPPINESS (I know that I will be again) (some way) (some how)

…and what's most important in my life.

* * * * *

A week from TODAY we send Maddy off for a semester in London!  I can't believe it!!

I am enjoying my part in planning (Scotland!) the across-the-pond vacation (my first!) to visit while she's there.  I can't believe that I've found a place — the first place I seriously looked at – upon which we not only all agree, we all wholeheartedly and very enthusiastically agree, to the point of joshing about skipping Wales altogether so we could stay there longer.


We won't do that, though, because Tintern Abbey has been on My List ever since Katie visited.  Oh, it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen!

* * * * *

There's so much more to write, but this is the part where the thoughts all jam up and then get mixed up with tears and snot and toast crumbs from lunch.

It's three weeks today — they've been tough.

This is also the part where I need to remind myself that the best thing to do when I don't feel like blogging (photographing) is just to sign on and start writing (pick up the damn camera and blow off the dust already).

10 thoughts on “Hi

  1. The roller coaster ride will be with you for awhile to come. It’s not bad to give yourself over to grief, even pity, once in awhile, but it sounds like you know how to deal with your feelings and your creativity will pull you through.

  2. Hugs, Vicki! That trip sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to see all your fabulous photos when it happens.
    Funny, but I did exactly what you said. Picked up the camera took a few shots and just wrote. Nothing exciting, but it felt good.

  3. Vicki, only now have I caught up on your sad news, and I am so, so very sorry for your loss. You have a wonderful family to support you and help you through your grief, and I am glad to hear that you have such marvelous trip to look forward to. Tintern Abbey is breath-taking. (You might like Caerphilly Castle [north of Cardiff] as well.) I’m sending many healing thoughts and good wishes.

  4. I love these photos and hearing about your trip planning.
    Hugs for the sadness–Your reminder sounds like good advice for me too.

  5. Hi there,
    There are some wonderful Abbey’s in the Scottish Borders – Dryburgh, Jedburgh, Kelso and Melrose Abbey.
    Sweetheart Abbey is great but quite out of the way near Dumfries. Try out the Historic Scotland website.
    Wales has some fantastic Castles, my favourite is still Rhaglan Castle.

  6. It takes time to absorb the major things in life (joyful as well as difficult). Perhaps the trip will be just the ticket to move you to a new place and perspective on all that has happened. To each thing its’ season.

  7. Lovely photos!
    The other commenters are right about your grief. My only brother died unexpectedly ten years ago this year. The terrible grief is gone, but the sense of loss remains. It’s easier to bear as time goes on; you start thinking more of all the good things that happened rather than of all the things that won’t ever happen because they are gone.

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