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1. Finished!, 2. Not a shrug, 3. 'Round Grandma's neck, 4. Grandparents, 5. Teddy Slippers, 6. Diaper Cover, 7. Hundertwasser Baktus, 8. Fits like a dream, 9. Front, 10. Fiddlehead finito, 11. web-IMG_6133, 12. New

I remembered how to operate my camera and took a couple of pictures today!  I've been wanting to do a mosaic of my 2010 FOs.  There's not much, but I'm pleased — especially with my kick-ass Parcheesi Blanket and Maddy's sweater.  She loves her sweater!  I couldn't ask for more.

Now, time to do some photo work… swatch for a new sweater (for me!)… watch some football!

11 thoughts on “Mosaic me

  1. The number of items may not be astronomical, but the stitch count is! Three sweaters and a sock yarn afghan? Wowzers. Just for fun, figure out how many miles of yarn are in all those FOs.

  2. It’s a lovely and varied body of work for 2010! Heck, the Parcheesi blanket would have been enough! (Love the Teddy slippers, too!)

  3. Yes, I think the Parcheesi should get to count for about 10 FO’s… Both in stitches and in beauty! Great mosaic!!

  4. I’ve been meaning to do a 2010 in stitches post as well & have discovered that many of knits have not been snapped either. So far the 2011 knitting has been on the simple side – right now some simple dishcloths to replenish the stash while cheering on the Packers. 🙂

  5. woohoo! that’s a great year in knits, even if it were only that super amazing blanket.
    can’t wait to see more of this sweater… :o)

  6. You knit quite a bunch this year and you knit some of the best looking projects in blogalnd! The blanket is the 2010 project of the year!!!

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