Deja vu

I believe I took these on Wednesday, but didn't get around to posting. Things have been ramping up here with travel prep and whatnot… so many things to scratch off the list(s)*. Plus, we had tickets to Riverdance — a show that Kate & Al have wanted to see since they were kids. We had dinner at Pasquale's International Cafe on the way to the show, and had a nice evening out.

I'm really missing Maddy, now, and can't wait to see her! I wish she could spend the whole time with us; we'll have to be happy with bookends.

I wanted this shawl project to be restarted on well on the way before we left, so cast on again using a needle two sizes larger than before — I was able to add a couple of repeats last night, and I'm much happier. We'll see!

*I just took my shoes out of the freezer. Yeah, I'm still working on my shoes! After having them stretched twice at the store, I furthered the mission by using some Glovolium to soften the leather. I considered other products, mainly Hot Glove, but real heat — as in 350F — was required and I'm not sure how the crepe soles would fare. The Glovolium worked well (I used it on a checkbook cover, too). I'd also read about slowly stretching shoes by placing plastic freezer bags filled with water into the shoes and putting them in the freezer. In theory, the water would slowly expand as it froze, thereby slowly stretching the shoe. Not a lot, but that's good. I've worn the shoes several times, all day, and they are quite comfortable — most of the time. Just a teensy bit tight, I've no doubt that with continued wear they'll soften, conform, fit wonderfully, and we'll have a long and happy life — I'm just trying to hurry that process along. I can't get the bags of frozen water out of the shoes yet, so the final report on that strategy will have to wait.

Have a great weekend! Don't forget to watch for the full super moon tonight!

3 thoughts on “Deja vu

  1. “I can’t get the bags of frozen water out of the shoes yet…” You’re cracking me up with these hijinks!
    Bon voyage baby!

  2. I’m with Kay! 🙂 Hope the frozen water bag trick worked for you. (In case it doesn’t. . . you can always do what I did when traveling in London — and buy some new shoes! I ended up bringing some uncomfortable shoes on my trip, and traded them in one day at a Clark’s shoe store. Ahhhhhh!)
    Hope your week goes smoothly! It all seems to get so crazy just before a big trip. 🙂

  3. Love the frozen bags of water in the shoes — clever! Hope it works for you and your feet sing happy songs on your trip.

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