Logging the miles

On Saturday night, we were pretty sure that we weren't going to go biking on Sunday — that the entry fee for the 25th Annual Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour would be a straight-up donation. The weather wasn't looking too promising… and I have come to realize that I am definitely a fair-weather athlete! Sure enough, I listened to an early morning thunderstorm roll through and thought that pretty much sealed the deal. The sky was blue when I woke up, though, and… could it be? When I opened the bedroom window the air felt cool and refreshing! So nice. I got on the horn, we gathered our stuff and loaded up bikes, and off we went.

For the second year in a row, Katie and I rode the 25-mile route (which was the same as last year). We started a little bit later this year, so were behind the main group of 25-mile riders — which was great! It was a more relaxing ride, not constantly passing or being passed, and we made even better time this year. Familiarity with the route helped, I'm sure, but I think we're both better riders. Even though I haven't been riding as much lately, I can still feel improvement in stamina and endurance, plus there's been another year of breathing fresh air into my lungs and I've made some improvements to my diet. I had to get off and walk my bike a little ways up some hills. It's funny, I don't even have to walk all the way up — it's like it gets to a point where my legs have HAD IT with that and after walking for a bit, I jump back on and pedal like nobody's business. Haha, well, sort of — somewhat refreshed and ready to go again, anyway.

Random roadside cornfield photo; probably somewhere in the Town of Clayton… or maybe Neenah. What you don't see in this photo is an airplane… which is rare because there were LOTS of planes in the air, flying in for today's official start of EAA AirVenture 2011. This week li'l old Oshkosh, b'gosh, is among the busiest airports in the world!

Rusty was putting the finishing touches on the bathroom paint job when I got home!! It looks wonderful! I checked out all the light fixtures on Saturday and had to run and make an exchange, but I think the fixtures will be next. Or maybe the plumbing stuff. Then the floor? Reset the toilet again (the catalyst for this whole project), finish the trim, make new curtains, figure out decor (out with the old? some? all?), and call it!

I took a quick, cool shower followed by a short, helpful nap and then took off with Rusty to "meet the artist" — a good friend we've already "met" a million times — Pat Filzen and her Perk O Ladies 2: Strong Women Who Brewed Change show at The Flying Pig. I was sorry to have missed POL 1, so this was a must. Susan Murtaugh's My Old Flame, in an adjoining room, was fascinating as well!

We gathered afterwards with Pat and other friends to share food and wine and the gift of gab. Never one to pass an opportunity for a walk on the beach — any beach — Rusty stopped in Algoma on the way home. I wasn't wearing appropriate shoes (I threw my old tennies away in Wales, and really need to replace them!), so I knit for a bit while Rusty walked.

It was a pretty good weekend! Oh, I dyed some yarn, too! It's "blue." Heh.

4 thoughts on “Logging the miles

  1. I’m so glad you were able to get on that bike and ride! Good for you! Sounds like a fabulous weekend all around. 🙂

  2. What a nice weekend! We used to go the the EAA thing and meet up with Smokey’s brother, but it has been ::counts on fingers:: nearly 20 years since the last time we went. It was fun, but always so HOT.

  3. way to go! JR and I have been thinking about doing a 25 mile Ride for Roswell next year, but I’m so afraid it will be horribly hot…Good job, girlfriend!

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