Crazy (mostly) good busy

Buzz buzz buzz.

And when I'm not doing that, I've been runnin' round 'n round!

So, we shall proceed randomly because I'm having a hard time focusing, much less landing.

Monday was rough. Sunday took a toll, for sure, but there has been much unbloggable behind-the-scenes stuff happening this summer — not all of it good, some of it downright shitty, with plenty of stress building up – and let's just say that Monday didn't end well. Someone pricked my balloon at the end of the day and, before I knew it, the prick had grown into a big gaping hole and then there was my balloon, flat and deflated on the floor.

There were tears.

I miss my sister.

I ate a lot of chocolate chips.

Next year, I'm taking an extra day off after the race.

I didn't wallow long, already reinflating by Monday night and looking ahead.

Tuesday was better. I had a lovely dinner by myself at the Kangaroostaurant, our area's first and (so far) only food truck, and then knit out for the second week in a row!

I'm thinking of knitting out with that group every other week, at the location that's most convenient for me, and getting a group knitting more regularly at Ali's coffee shop — maybe on the alternate weeks to start. There's some interest over there.

Yesterday was BUSY, but really great. I went to an estate sale with Mom and found a couple of things (literally, two very practical and useful things), but it really only made me want to go home to CLEAN and GET.RID.OF.STUFF! It was more than one estate, so WAY overwhelming in the little frilly geegaw department.

I am intently contemplating the calendar for a chunk o' days that I can free up for a clean out.

We stopped in at the local antique mall, owned by a former classmate and current neighbor of mine (I was actually there twice yesterday), and ran into a former dealer from our mall that I haven't seen in years! That makes two — one each in the last two months — and so I'm wondering who Mr./Ms. September will be!

Yesterday was CSA delivery day, and I made a quick batch of refrigerator pickles — first time ever! We had fresh, sweet, corn-on-the-cob for dinner. There were lots of yummy tomatoes, some cukes, a couple of patty pan, and a few carrots to wash and put away.

This weekend: Kolokithokeftedes. It's time to make a dent in the zukes.

7 thoughts on “Crazy (mostly) good busy

  1. I’ve learned (the aging factor) that taking the day off after a big event is such a great idea. It’s no wonder you had a minor breakdown after being so drained physically and emotionally. Your indomitable spirit makes the recovery quick. Sending extra hugs.
    I wonder how successful GF Kolokihokeftedes would be. I certainly have plenty of squash (and cukes)!

  2. Ugh. As the song says, Some days are diamonds, some days are stones. Glad you’re back at it. You’re killing me with that recipe! Yum.

  3. I’m sorry the beginning of the week was crappy and I hate to hear that you’ve been dealing with unpleasant things. You always seem so upbeat that I can’t imagine anything getting you down. Hugs across the miles, Vicki.

  4. There’s always unbloggable crap going on behind the scenes, isn’t there?
    Those fritters look great. I made stuffed zucchini boats with a few that grew too big.

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