In the pink


Tickled, even.


While my thoughts over the weekend have been with my east coast friends as they faced Hurricane Irene, we are in the midst of the most wonderful stretch of beautiful weather. 


So, while it's been pretty busy 'round here, I've been able to carve out time here and there to enjoy the weather and recharge, which makes it a whole lot easier to get some things done.

Yesterday, I sliced up some fabric for a small quilt project and, at the same time, fired up the dye pot and made some pink yarn.

{Squint} I've a Stripe Study III in mind… No. 2 is coming along nicely!!

Had a nice visit and lunch with my dad on Saturday. All of my sibs are here for a visit with cousins today!


5 thoughts on “In the pink

  1. Beautiful pink! Can’t wait to see your quilt project. (And there’s that succulent dish again, too!) This is the most perfect kind of weather, isn’t it?

  2. Both yarns are simply beautiful. And speaking as one from the East Coast, it’s so nice to think about something other than Irene! I’m so glad you had gorgeous weather and actually enjoyed it!

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