You say, “Tomato”

I say, "Let's make some sauce!" Wow, and how. I made two batches on Saturday and three on Sunday! The house smelled simply fabulous all weekend. There are enough tomatoes for another batch or two, but I ran out of onions even with a trip to the farmers' market on Saturday morning. I'll stop at a farm stand on the way home and maybe knock another one off tonight. Or I may just chop and freeze the rest for later. We'll see. Either way, I need onions.


Otherwise, except for dyeing, the weekend went off pretty much as planned, and then some:

  • Al Corso was fabulous! Definitely worth the trip, which I'll be making again (along with reservations next time).
  • The kids were VERY cooperative for my little project — each in a different respect, but it's been deemed an all-around success.
  • Tomato sauce!
  • I made my Aunt Celia's meatballs to go with all that sauce on both Saturday and Sunday, taking the whole shebang over to enjoy with Mom's pasta and Ann's salad on Saturday night, and having the girls over on Sunday.
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs: It's what's for lunch today!
  • Not only was it Fall Fest weekend at the farmers' market, as well as Fox Cities Marathon Weekend, it was also city-wide rummage sale day on Saturday. There was great energy all weekend! I had to go out a couple of times on Saturday and stopped at a few sales — not going out of my way to do so — and, in addition to a random Halloween paper tablecloth, scored a nice big Crockpot and a small microwave that I can designate for dyeing projects!


I managed a little bit of knitting over the weekend, finishing one leg on a pair of Monster Pants and picking up stitches for the other. There wasn't much new knitting on the project pictured — Different Lines — and I wasn't so sure as I began about this color combo, but I'm loving it more and more. The pink is my PS project yarn for August, which I'm calling "Virginia." I've not named any of my other projects, but pink was Grandma's favorite color and I think this would be a shade she'd like… and I'm thinking about her a lot, so I named it for her, and I'm loving it all more and more. I'm loving it all so much that I'm thinking of foregoing all extra-curriculars this week to do some dyeing!


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  1. My goodness you know how to pack a weekend full of good stuff. I was able to get one.last.batch our of our garden. We’ll not see that many tomatoes at one time again this year. Your pink shawl is gorgeous!

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