Plant rescue

Yesterday's shopping took me to Goodwill to buy a calendar for work (the one I had in my hands and meant to the last time I was there), and to Target to make a return. While at Target, I spotted a few amaryllis trying to escape from their pots.

image from www.flickr.com
The bulbs were just drawing on their own moisture reserves and the store's light and warmth. They're growing oddly and are sort of stunted, but we'll see what happens now that they're in potted and soaking up some natural light.

image from www.flickr.com
The amaryllis is in good company in the Garden Room. The sun shined for a little while today. Brrrr, but it sure was cold outside!

5 thoughts on “Plant rescue

  1. You did a very good deed and the amaryllis will thank you profusely!
    Smith would like to make “my room” into a green house. I’d rather pot a few succulents in pretty little pots and keep them on the windowsill.

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