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Fresh, new dishcloths and towels in bright colors and I am over the moon… more than I should be about such things, but there you go.

I had an urgent voicemail and follow-up phone call this morning from a 6-year-old boy inquiring about a certain hamster sweater and requesting that it be mailed off when finished. I guess I'll be whipping that out at knitting tonight. It's going to be something very simple — more of a hamster "cozy." I think I'll spend a little more time doing a little hamster "house" instead, as brilliantly suggested in the comments, and send that along, too. I think Topper will really dig that.


14 thoughts on “Giddy

  1. i was instructed to make a sweater for a certain favorite dino earlier this year. He “wears” it when they walk to school… and my poor SIL has to carry a sweater-wearing giant, orange dino back and forth on the walk to drop off/ pick up at preK! That, alone… totally worth the knitting!

  2. Hampster cozy? Is that like a Hamster Snuggi? Can’t wait to see what the well dressed hamster is wearing this season. ;^)

  3. I too, get happy over new dishcloths. So satisfying that fresh new pile (until they get tea stains, then the romance is over)
    And the photo is brilliant.
    I am sorry to say I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the hamster accessory debacle. Good luck with that.

  4. I totally get it vicki. I’m the girl who got awesome christmas dish towels and had to declare them my most favorite gift. they were christmasy in a not quite christmasy way and I love to get them.

  5. Please, please share pictures of the hamster sweater (preferably on the hamster if possible). Just thinking about it makes me smile and giggle — my teen thinks I’ve lost my mind.

  6. We bought bright red clothes awhile ago and they made dish washing a lot more fun!
    Poor little hamster must be cold! An urgent call must not be ignored. Good luck!

  7. Pretty, colorful, fresh! What could be better?
    As for the hamster, I think you are on the right track. 🙂

  8. I LOVE new dishcloths and tea towels (and I have not indulged myself in a while so thanks reminding hehe). And you are seriously the bestest Auntie ever! Can’t wait to see the cozy and the house…will they be colour coordinated?

  9. I second the comment to knit hamster items from steel wool.
    At one point our dog was way too interested in the little hamster critter in its cage sitting on the raised hearth, so one of the boys threw a (hand-crocheted by me) afghan over the cage. Little hamster chewed multiple holes in it before we noticed.
    Whatever you knit them from, please do show us. We all love a good knit-clad critter.

  10. hooray for hamster sweaters! a nice argyle would be jaunty, no?
    and when i buy new towels i can’t wait to take a shower! so new, so cozy. :o)

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