Our babysitter took me with her to see HELP! when I was in second grade and, as you might suspect, it went completely over my head.


At least I was familiar with the music. There was no escaping it, and I loved it. Even though I was pretty young, I was still pretty swept up by Beatlemania!

This week, I was reminded of HELP! (and a few other things) when I was asked to give some.

The thing about blogging — mostly about knitting — for nearly eight years and being a member of Ravelry for five — if not an active participant in all its arenas, at least actively documenting my projects — is that I've knit a lot of things, even a few epic things.

I had a message on Ravelry from a knitter with a question about the increases and decreases in the cable chart for St. Brigid. I thought, "Wow, it's been a few years since I looked at that chart!" Being the first sweater I ever worked from a chart, it was a HUMONGOUS chart — the one where I copied and taped a mock-up of the ENTIRE SWEATER on some matboard. It's a lovely tri-fold thing (and did I mention HUGE?) that sort of resembles something Moses carried down from Mount Sinai, though this written not by God but charted by the goddess Alice Starmore.

So, I looked up on Ravelry and saw that I finished St. Brigid SEVEN YEARS ago!

And, can I just say, THANK GOD & ALICE STARMORE that Aran Knitting has been republished because for so long all I'd get were requests and pleas for the pattern from an out-of-print book that I didn't even own; that I'd had to track down through our statewide interlibrary loan system, myself, way back when.

Anyway, once I looked at the chart, it was easy to see where the knitter was likely having a problem. I was surprised at how quickly I remembered actually making those stitches! I messaged/emailed back with just a bit more explanation of what should be happening over those few rows.

Then on Thursday at Knit Night, I was able to help someone work and understand short rows for the first time.

And this morning I met a friend at the coffee shop to help figure out what was going on with her knitting — also with a bonus brief explanation of short rows! She won't be doing short rows for a while yet, but I thought perhaps it would help down the road to have a memory.

I really love doing that… helping people figure stuff out. It's so rewarding when they get it. I love a happy knitter, don't you?


10 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Whew! I was a little worried when I saw your title. One of the reasons I’ve been teaching needlepoint for so many years (15?) is the rewarding feeling of helping someone learn.

  2. It’s funny that you posted this today because I had a phone call yesterday from a knitting friend who was looking for some help. She read me the directions over the phone and I picture what she was struggling with and I helped her. It’s a great feeling!

  3. That is so funny, Vicki. I will find a message on Ravelry from time to time and will have forgotten that I even knit that thing! I remember being about your same age when I would gaze in wonder at my sister and her friends screaming about the Beatles when they were on television!

  4. I look at your projects with great envy realizing what an amazing and clever knitter you are! I’m not at all surprised that someone would come to you for help. St. Brigid is over the top!
    Ah! The Beatles and you didn’t even mention Davy Jones’s dying. After all, the Monkees were supposed to be an American answer to the Beatles. Of course, the person who cast the Monkees didn’t think twice about putting a Brit in the group. It was too obvious who he was copying.
    Anyway, back to you and your amazing knitting. Glad you were able to help her.

  5. It is nice and satisfying. You reminded me that someday I have to actually put my knitting on Ravelry. I’m always reminding myself, for years in fact. It seems like one more task on the list.

  6. I find knitters to be a kind, helpful, friendly group of of people. They will even share their stash with you if needed.

  7. I spent a couple hours knitting with Younger Son’s fiance yesterday. Between Christmas and yesterday she had knitted 2 rows of a garter stitch dishcloth (she is just learning to knit), but by the end of our session she had knit at least 2 inches. It was such fun to watch her. She started out awkward and not quite knowing how to hold the yarn and the needles and not being sure quite where to stick the point of the needle, and 2 hours later she was rolling along looking both intent and pleases at the same time. It was sooo rewarding! (btw, I HATE to teach anyone knitting, so this was a stretch for me, too)

  8. (If this shows up twice, my apologies. Something . . . odd. . . happened before I could post.)
    I work at a yarn shop on Mondays. And on Mondays, we get a steady stream of “issues” to fix. . . encountered by folks knitting over the weekend. It’s great to be able to help! (Although, I must admit, there are times when I’m tempted to suggest alternate hobbies to some people. . .)

  9. I saw “HELP!” with my big sisters too. We went to a drive-in movie in Minocqua, WI. It was my first non-matinee adult movie. It was very exciting! Third grade.

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