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On Saturday morning, my friend Kate picked me up and took me to Wausau to take photos of her, her sister, and their mother — there's a bunch of brothers in the family, too, but this was a "Girls Only" affair. Actually, one brother was there when we arrived, helping "Mom" set up her new iPad, but he didn't hang around for long.

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I hope I'm embracing and learning the new technology when I'm 89! A heap of inspiration — both mother and daughters! So much energy and activity.

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Recently having reason to glance back, I'm surprised to see that it's already been 4 years since I picked up a camera with some intent. I recall that, in addition to photographing babies and kids, there was a glimmer of desire to capture women — mothers & daughters, sisters, friends — which I never really pursued. I had instant recollection when Kate asked me to do this for them. It was a lot of fun — I was probably more relaxed than almost any other session (which means only slightly less nervous), and I'm happy I agreed; hope to do it again.

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Kate is an artist and a knitter. We'd both noticed that there was a "yarn bombing" event happening in Stevens Point on Saturday and, while we weren't able to participate, we stopped by on the way home to see it.

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A gorgeous setting.

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This community project at the Riverfront Arts Center was done to create awareness of an exhibit opening this Friday – Common Threads – Stories and Visions in Fiber. I won't make the opening, but would really like to see the show before it closes.

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Quite lovely.

The bleedin' 'arts (I am compelled to say it that way this year) are from my back garden – I ran down on Saturday evening to take a few photos while there was still some light. They're just everywhere! And one of my favorite flowers.

Four days until the next birthday… which is great, because I've a little more to talk about.


9 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. The bleedin’ ‘arts are all over our neighborhood. They come on with such abandon and are a wonderful surprise, just as your yarn bombing was a wonderful surprise. Your pictures speak to me and have from your first “intent”.

  2. Yarn bombing just seemed weird to me in the abstract. Note, I’m not much of an abstract person. But your pictures really bring the idea to life and spread the joy and humor of it even farther than the event.

  3. I love yarn bombing and I love your photos too!
    The ‘ bleeding hearts’ are in flower here in the UK too, my neighbour has some in his back garden and they look beautiful…they are on my wish list for this years purchases for the garden.
    Fleur xx

  4. First of all, I LOVE the bleeding hearts. They’re such a fascinating flower and I love the bright pink color of your BHs. The yarn bombing is fabulous! That sure takes a lot of energy! God bless the knitters who can do that!

  5. Sounds like a fun trip for you and I bet the XX-only photos are great!
    Now I’m wondering how to see the exhibit! I’ll have to work on that since I’ll be going through Point for a few weeks starting Monday….

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