Painter’s progress

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Saturday, April 21st. A long overdue start on repainting the garage.

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Sunday, April 29th. A bunch of rotten boards had to be replaced… and, because of that, there will finally be a gutter and downspout installed. I'd like the water to fill a rain barrel, and have even offered to pick one out for Mother's Day! Some people are skeptical about the need for a rain barrel; I think if it was installed, he would tap it. Loose paint has been scraped, sanding has occurred, priming has been done… and it's going to be pretty rainy this week, so there is reprieve and he can do other things for a while.

There has been a fair bit of muttering on the job this week. I say, Quit yer complaining… this is your job right now, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will eventually be finished; your grandfather taught you well, just do it.

Currently up for debate is whether to paint the windows maroon (please to note, "maroon" as in the clothesline post, not "fade-to-purple" as in the shingles), as they were originally painted (and as is the house, which the garage was designed and built to match), or off-white to match the trim. The argument for "all off-white" is that it "looks cleaner."

Cleaner schmeaner.

Y'all can guess what I think!

OK, now I'll quit complaining! How about some breakfast?

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I've been eating oatmeal most mornings — especially at work. I mix it up myself, riffing on a recipe shared with me by Elizabeth. It has slivered almonds and walnut bits, and I put in LOTS of cinnamon — almost 10 times more than originally suggested! I add just a drip of honey, to sweeten, along with hot water in the morning. So yum and good for me, too!

What's sticking to your ribs at breakfast these days?


18 thoughts on “Painter’s progress

  1. Dale painted our big garage a couple of summers ago. It was a looooong summer, I can tell you that. I had cold pizza for breakfast this morning.

  2. I hate painting. My mother’s day gift one year was to paint the kitchen–it was awesome.
    My breakfast was leftover meatballs. Why yes, we are out of eggs and milk.

  3. Lovely! V. v. charming garage (!) it’s even more inviting than our house, no jokes. In terms of breakfast, I have made the Baked Oatmeal recipe from Lottie & Doof once or twice, and it is scrummy. So good. (No time to make it during the week, unfortunately.)

  4. I’m currently working on our extended interior painting project. Almost every room needs to be done, so I do extend my sympathies to your painter. I think there would be much more than muttering on the job if I had to climb up that precariously perched ladder!

  5. I am the rain barrel skeptic in our house but my husband swears we need it. He’s even thinking of putting a gutter and downspout on our shed to fill another barrel.
    I’ve been eating a toasted bagel thin with a wedge of Laughing Cow for breakfast most days.

  6. I vote for the rain barrel- your plants will love it. Also since there is gingerbread on the garage why not both colors Otherwise I vote for maroon- white get dirty too fast and looks dingy.
    Breakfast here is usually a bagel with cheese or PB&J- weekends its with eggs over easy. Oatmeal is for winter days.

  7. It will look so good when it’s completed (I hate painting. . . but I love the way it looks when it’s finished).
    I have a rain barrel. I love it! I want another one this year == for my front flowers. I used it all the time — except when it didn’t rain for weeks.
    I hate oatmeal. . .

  8. what a project! love the maroon idea (and yes, the only maroon I see is on the clothesline pole). oatmeal is always my stick-to-the-ribs breakfast choice. but I realized today, when it was 70-something degrees at 8:30 when I was back from my run, I wish I knew how to make “cool” oatmeal….

  9. Yes to maroon AND white. More Victorian that way.
    Yes to the rain barrel. Everyone will love it once you have it.
    I need to make up a big batch of oatmeal, with chopped apples and raisins and maybe some pecans. Also about 10x the amount of cinnamon the recipe calls for 🙂 Then I won’t be tempted by the instant kind. Have you heard of/tried stevia? It is an herbal thing, much sweeter than sugar, doesn’t cause swings in blood sugar. I am experimenting with it.

  10. I had to look at that middle picture several times. It looks like an optical illusion. I thought he was suspended in mid-air! Love the project.

  11. Oh yes, go with the color! Smith has rain barrel envy. My breakfast was an orange and cinnamon toast. Oatmeal would have been better!

  12. Not getting between husband and wife on painting issues! but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the finished product 🙂
    Now, I hate to mention this but I have to: did you know that you don’t properly digest and absorb the nutrients from the oats unless they are completely cooked (and preferably soaked beforehand)?
    I’m with you on the cinnamon all the way.

  13. Love the colours of your garage! Are you sticking to the same palette, or going for something different?

  14. Peanut butter on sourdough toast this morning. I do think your breakfast looks very yummy! I’m traveling again and I’m finding my hotel breakfast choices could be better. Must plan ahead!
    Love all the colors! 😀 And I think a rain barrel is practical…..

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