Saturday was busy and exhausting, so I stayed home on Sunday — a wet and gloomy day — and got a few things done. With all the "movement" around here, the upcoming credit union-sponsored "shred fest" next weekend and the city-wide rummage sale the following weekend are timely and welcome.

It's rather overwhelming, dealing with all the stuff, but quite satisfying when I'm able to stay focused on one specific task or in one area and see results. I was all over the place yesterday — the living room, my office, kitchen, bedroom, laundry room…

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While I'm not selling everything and moving to South America (or, hopefully, Scotland) (fingers crossed, people, this is the month she'll find out about scholarships!!) (please & thank you!), I've definitely caught the fever to some degree. I loaded five boxes/bags of books to sell — mostly from only one bookcase, with contributions from my stash of knitting and photography books.

Getting stuff ready to sell at a rummage sale is EXHAUSTING, so my donation pile is at least as big as my sale pile, not to mention trash and recycling…

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Rusty started it, yesterday, switching out an old cardboard file in the garden room for a nicer (smaller, brighter, sturdier) model from Habitat ReStore. He made quick work of it, having to head off to a show opening, and I got busy with the rest. I didn't quite get to sweeping down the cobwebs from the ceiling, but all the cat food is swept up off the floor, and everything that remains in that room has been wiped down… and has meaning.

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Other things… curious and interesting, that were kept in the past, did not make the cut this time around. This is a broken bit from an old planter that Maddy dug up during her summer of archeaology in the ravine behind our house. His big eyes and sad face, the cross-hatch decoration, and even the crazed and chipped glaze have been so appealing to me… but it's over now. It has to be… the photo will serve to remind me of that summer's many memories.

It's a start… an ongoing process…

Meanwhile, I fixed my left (your right) sleeve cap and, WOW, what a difference, eh? Last night, I dismantled the entire right (your left) side and will reknit the sleeve cap tonight. The sewing up works best in daylight… it'll be finished soon. I was so sorry that it wasn't ready on Saturday night to wear to a gallery party… I want it ready for next time!


8 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. A friend is helping her mother down-size and move. Mom wants to part with nothing and must part with quite a lot. Friend has been saying repeatedly, “It’s lovely! I’ll take a picture of it so you can have it forever.” So far, it’s working on most things, and your post sort of reminded me of it.

  2. Getting rid of memories is such a hard and emotional task, but get rid of the weight, both emotional and real, is such a lift! Nice work so far.
    It’s easy to see the sweater is just your style.

  3. I plan to spend the warmer months sifting through and paring down my stuff. It feels so good, doesn’t it?
    The sweater looks great! Can’t wait to see the all of it.

  4. Too much stuff weighs you down. A friend said that to me years ago and I’ve always remembered it. (not always followed through, but always remembered it!)
    Fabulous sleeve cap fix.

  5. we’ve lived in our house for nearly 30 years. I can’t imagine the process of clearing out… love the comments, though, about lightening up. rings true! and the new shoulder looks great – what a difference a few stitches can make!

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