Painter’s progress

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Rusty's been painting the east (and least visible) side of the garage this week. I thought I'd go down on the path and take some photos from that angle. Our oldest boy cat, Scamp, is stalking off and just rounding the corner after squawking up a storm when Rusty (just visible "under" the ladder — he wasn't really under it) wouldn't let him play in the paint. Or something. Who knows? That cat gets goofier and more vocal everyday. He's also getting old. Always a bit burlier than his sister, Roxie, he has really lost all finesse and "stealthy" is not a word that comes quickly to mind. But we sure do love him and all of his quirks.

Due to the lay of the land, the SE corner (where that window is being pointed out by Scamp's tail) is actually cut off at about a 20-degree angle. Luckily, my cars have fit, though the Altima is a little bigger than the Saturn and I've actually had to re-do my entry into the garage in order to get the back door open. And I've only kissed the wall with my bumper a few times. Little love taps.

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We designed the south gable to match the adjacent east gable on the house (which also needs some paint). The north-side gables are similar but different! That should all be finished today, I think, and then that back door will get painted!

The south side of the house awaits!

Floral interlude…

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Irises at the back porch.

Do you have any plans for the upcoming holiday weekend? I've suddenly realized that I've four days off and no pressing demands. It's kind of a nice feeling!


10 thoughts on “Painter’s progress

  1. Beautiful property indeed. I live in Texas, where the living is easy and everything is brown. It isn’t THAT bad, but close. And I don’t get to have cats because I have dogs that like to chase them. God only knows what would happen if they caught one. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. We celbrated Victoria Day on May 21st, so our long weekend has just past. Here in NS, it’s the weekend to get the garden in, open up the cottage and fire up the BBQ.
    We managed to get some gardening done, visited my SIL’s cottage for a day, but sadly our BBQ was woefully neglected.
    I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  3. I love those kind of weekends! We’ve got a wedding to go to on Saturday night but the rest of the weekend is free – hooray!

  4. What a pretty setting. But one wrong step out that door and you are down the cliff.
    Enjoy your holiday weekend. I’m off the the Great Lakes Fiber Fest.

  5. Looking really good! Isn’t it a great feeling to have some time to kick back with no urgent gotta-do’s ;^)

  6. Such a pretty garage. My oldest cat is pretty vocal and very bossy – a grumpy old man.
    We had our long weekend last weekend and I was busy sewing a prom dress. Hope you are enjoying yours.

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